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  1. Yes it is. I have imagined myself at each program I have applied to, and I wouldn't have applied if I didn't truly want to go there. It's been harder for me to decline the program I have (or to consider declining programs I am leaning against, but have not entirely ruled out) than I would have ever thought. When you prepare an application, you identify the unique strengths of a program, you identify who you would work with there, and (at least in my case) you think about what courses you'd take in the first years and what life in that city would be like. It is hard to give up on any o
  2. IRTheoryNerd, I love all your gifs and avatars. Especially the current one of a turtle.
  3. Don't worry wwmiv, I will wear the same thing to help conceal your identity! Let's hope we aren't visiting any of the same schools...
  4. Because I don't want this thread to be consumed in a debate that prevents it from being the source I information I intended, I won't be engaging in any more discussion about why I started this thread or how we feel about it or if it serves the collective good of GC or whatever we are talking about.
  5. Of course everyone who is lucky enough to receive multiple offers should take any amount of time they need to adequately inform themselves before making a decision about what program to attend. The intention of my post was not to pressure anyone into rushing the difficult choices they face, and I fail to understand how this post is any more an example of "showing off" than celebrating acceptances in the cycle thread or listing acceptances in a signature. That being said, I feel like the right thing to do is to tell a program as soon as you definitely know you are not going to accept their
  6. Hi. This thread is for people to post offers that they decline. This should be useful (and a source of many clicks) for those of us on waitlists. I have declined an offer from Illinois (IR subfield). Good luck to anyone else waiting to hear back on a waitlist! Edit: If you are willing, please include your subfield.
  7. I have declined an admissions offer from Illinois (IR subfield). Thought the waitlisted should know. Should I make a thread for people to post this (so those waiting to hear back on a WL have somewhere they can obsessively check)?
  8. Congrats! Was it a form email, or a personalized one?
  9. IR Security / Methods. I thought Rochester might have been a tough get for me. I have a solid econometrics background, but my FT background is limited to an undergrad microecon sequence and my math background is fairly weak.
  10. I am of the "casual, first-name basis" perspective once a professor has signed an email with their first name, but I strongly value a casual, open relationship with an advisor. I may be doing it more to signal the kind of a relationship I want than because I think its the social convention. When the "professor shoes" on are the other foot, they won't be: I'll be so casual with my students that I won't even be wearing shoes!
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