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  1. Hi everyone! I know there is a thread on contacting individual students who are already attending through PM, but I thought it might be helpful to have a forum to discuss common questions that come up about top departments. Specifically, it would be good to know (because of guaranteed anonymity!) what the worst things are about your department -- i.e. what are the cons of going where you go? Quite often it's easy to hear about all the good stuff about a place, but very little of the bad stuff, which is strictly insider info. Even if you love where you go, there must be common refrains you hear
  2. Wow! You live on a 15K stipend in Palo Alto?! That's amazing... How much do they take out each month in taxes, if you don't mind me asking? And no, tuition and health insurance and fees are paid for separately from the stipend.
  3. Thanks! I got a call yes, and no I'm in the US. Official admission notices are being sent out only through postal service (fedex) but I haven't received mine yet.
  4. Hi! I'm hoping to get information about what the cost of going to school in Stanford is. I've been offered a stipend of $30,000 for the academic year (summer is separate). I hear Palo Alto is incredibly expensive, though, so if anyone could break down costs it would be wonderful. I prefer sharing space with people and don't mind cooking for myself. My only concern is saving enough to take a $400 flight to see my SO every (other?) month. Would that be at all possible given how expensive Palo Alto is? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Would anyone who has heard from them (I see a few interviews and acceptances on the results page) care to share details? What track did you apply for, and do you know if they have sent out all the interview calls?
  6. MIT will not be sending out emails as far as I know, but will be notifying by phone and then postal service. Phone calls were not made at the same time though (some yesterday, some today) so there might still be time!
  7. There's also a few there for Madison -- also seem pretty personalized -- and I wonder if we should expect any more of those.
  8. Has anyone here applied to Michigan? There's a couple of acceptances up, but they seem more personalized. Any chance they've all been sent out?
  9. Congrats to Michigan! I wonder if they also got an email/change in online application status?
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