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  1. CONGRATS! Going to a PhD without funding is a terrible idea. My advice would be to work on your application and try again next year. If you're going to do this, pick the better fit between Florida and Claremont (unless there is a big difference in cost, in which case I would go with the cheaper one). But seriously, reapply next year. Doing a PhD without funding is a terrible idea.
  2. Stony Brook is a great program. I would go there and I would be ecstatic about it.
  3. Speaking of UCSD: http://www.poliscirumors.com/topic/dear-ucsd I know that PSR is not a very nice place and full of trolling but I thought that I would just share that because if there is any truth to that post, it is a serious issue.
  4. Stop that. You'll be fine. I have been reading this thread from the beginning and I can tell from your posts that you're intelligent and know what you're talking about with respect to your research interests. Don't get down on yourself and use this as motivation to improve your application in the case that you strike out (or get in somewhere but decide to reapply next year). Also, you still have five schools. Your cycle is far from over. Cooperstreet, I PMed you.
  5. Harvard, Princeton, Michigan, Stanford, Columbia..you nailed this whole process! Congrats!
  6. Wow, you guys are unbelievably amazing. Thank you all so much! An email from the DGS but it didn't really feel like a form email. Edit: I wanted to upvote you all as a thank you but I ran out, sorry
  7. In at UPenn. I'm at a loss for words. I'm hoping everyone else who has been shut out so far receives some good news soon (hopefully a few more today who also get into Penn).
  8. Are there any U.S. schools other than Harvard and Penn that haven't released any decisions yet?
  9. Finally received the rejection email from Chicago. But they did offer me admission to CIR with a half tuition waiver.
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