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  1. It's a pretty cheap method.. it's usually between 20-30 dollars. And I agree on the car-ppuccino! I did something similar with candles hoping it would create a nice scent.. it was a bit weak, but definitely pleasant if you were up close to it.
  2. Mmm, well done with the pour over! Grinding at the office might be a bit awkward since it makes so much noise... though hand grinders help with that a little You should try an aeropress. The downside is that you can only make one cup at a time. The upside is everything else. It is a delicious and extremely clean cup of happiness. Elixir of the Gods, I daresay It's really easy and requires virtually no cleanup.
  3. This is the single greatest post I have seen in ages. I wanted to create something like this myself, but I was a bit worried I was the only one haha. During my time in undergrad, I worked as a barista at a local/independent coffee shop where we roasted our own beans as well and, needless to say, I am one of those connoisseurs snobs I'm starting my program in just under 3 weeks but I haven't seen what kind of desk/office space I'll have, so I'm a bit confused about where I'll be doing most of my work (at home or on campus). By extension, I don't know where to set up my happy coffee lab. I'm no
  4. Congrats, MiroslavBass! That is huge news indeed. You're headed to a great program.
  5. I almoooost ended up going to UCR. I turned it down cause Pittsburgh was a better fit for me, but it really hurt to do so! Visited UCR and absolutely loved the department. I'm sure you'll have a great time!
  6. That's a good thought. I'm actually married, so I'll be moving with my wife, which means getting other roommates isn't really an option I'm trying to find 1-2 bedroom places, but am not having tons of luck.
  7. Where are you all looking for apartments anyway? Craigslist or elsewhere? I feel like I've exhausted the craigslist options and haven't found anything particularly appealing yet. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks! Congrats to you as well! I probably won't understand much of it, but what are you planning to study more specifically? My housing situation so far is non-existent. I'm just now starting to look. How about you all?
  9. Hey everyone! Looks like we'll be at the same school this fall. I'll be starting their PhD in political science
  10. Declined offers from UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Riverside, and George Mason. Hope it helps someone on a waitlist.
  11. Nords

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Hi everyone, I've just accepted an offer from the political science doctoral program at Pitt. I'm really curious about neighborhoods. Everyone keeps mentioning Shadyside and Squirrel Hill (with some people chiming in with Bloomfield and Friendship). For the most part, my priority is to find something as affordable as possible while still being safe. I'll be moving with my wife, and I'd have a hard time focusing on studies if I had to worry about her being safe I'm particularly curious about Squirrel Hill at the moment. It's so big, though, that it barely counts as a neighborhood in my mind
  12. Yeah... so if I don't end up at Riverside, I'll just feel even worse about turning it down!
  13. So, I just finished my recruitment day at Riverside and loved it... much more than I expected to. It pisses me off, cause now my decision is so much harder haha.
  14. Thanks, Cazorla! (How about that win against Spurs last weekend =D ) Also, congrats to MiroslavBass!! Long wait for you, but it worked out in the end, yeah? =)
  15. I'd love to hear mmorison's impressions of Riverside! I'll actually be at UCR for a visit this Thursday and Friday. Anyone going to be around?
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