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  1. Hey, I was also accepted into EPP but not heard from Berkeley yet. Which one are you planning to take on or are you waiting on more unis to get back?
  2. No idea about the interviews. But I emailed them and they said results will be out by first week of March but maybe sooner.....which has always been the official line so not useful information I guess.
  3. Hi! I applied to ERG too.....any idea when they are sending out results this year?
  4. well it seems to be across multiple schools so wouldn't worry too much
  5. Phew! I was having the same problem. Guess it must be a system glitch then.
  6. In the same boat re:MIT, I was wondering whether to email the graduate administrator at MIT and ask. I don't want to add to their load unnecessarily though.
  7. Congrats! Hopefully I hear something soon. What was your subfield?
  8. As per the results page, Columbia is going to be mid-february this year.
  9. Seems like someone contacted Georgetown, there's an update on the results page. Mid-March seems ages away right now.
  10. anyone know when MIT is going to be out?
  11. I completely agree. I've already told friends and family that if it doesn't work out this cycle, I most likely won't be applying again. I just don't see myself having a stronger application in the future, if anything it will be weaker. Not to mention the added costs, time, effort and soul-destroying wait! It's now or never and that adds to the pressure certainly. On the other hand like you said, all you need is one acceptance so until you've received results from all your applications, you can't let your head drop. Also I disagree that there's shame etc in being rejected. The process is ex
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