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  1. Thanks to all who replied! I turned down Columbia SIPA ESP, and am still deciding between Duke and Bren. Bren is offering me a lot of money and Duke is offering me a large amount, but it would still end up being about 30k more expensive. Does anyone have a sense if Bren is as well known as Duke's Nicholas School? Another consideration is that I'd like to apply for a dual MBA at Duke, but not sure how much easier it would be to apply while you're at Duke and get in. Decisons, decisions! Good luck to everybody!
  2. I'm between Duke, UCSB Bren, and Columbia SIPA-ESP... Does anyone have any insight as to how they might fare against each other?
  3. Hi There! Can I ask when did you get your official Bren letter/funding? In my accepted email, they mentioned next week for the official letter and funding..
  4. Congrats for your acceptances! I heard back from Duke merit today as well. It seems like the rest of the financial aid like work study comes a little later. For Bren, it seems that we'll get the official acceptance letter next week, so I'm assuming we'll know then for Bren.
  5. Here are my results so far: UCSB Bren MESM: waiting to hear back UC Boulder MENV : accepted Duke Nicholas School+ concurrent MBA: Accepted to Nicholas School UC San Diego MPP in environmental policy: accepted University of Washington MPA in environmental policy: accepted Yale FES: rejected Berkeley ERG: rejected Oxford MSc in Water Management: waiting to hear back Columbia SIPA ESP: accepted I applied to a lot of schools... It's between, Bren, UW, Duke and Columbia for now... I havent heard on funding for anything except UW... Hoping
  6. Hi there, Thanks for letting us know! Do you know if everybody who gets accepted for the Masters degree gets interviewed, or was that because you applied to the PhD track? Congratulations on your acceptance!!
  7. I also got into Duke! I think I'm waitlisted for the MBA portion, but into the Nicholas School!
  8. Hi! According to the results page a Masters applicant got an interview on the 31st... Was that you? Do you think if we didn't get an interview, then thats it?
  9. I have no idea.... It's my first choice but it seems super hard to get into.. From looking at previous forums, I can't tell if we're supposed to get interviewed or not. Do you have any idea?
  10. Thanks for the update! I got waitlisted for the MBA portion of the Duke application so I don't know what that will mean for the Nicholas school... Fingers crossed for both of us! I live in fear of my email haha
  11. Hi, thanks! I'm supposed to make a decision by mid march. Hopefully the other schools get back to me by then! Did you apply to other schools as well?
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new here! I applied to Duke, Yale (but with a concurrent MBA so we'll see how that turns out), Bren, Masters of the Environment at UC Boulder, Berkeley ERG and Columbia SIPA -ESP. I hope we find out soon! I got into SIPA so far, but I'm really waiting out for Bren or Yale... One can dream!
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