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  1. I haven't heard of such a scenario before either nor have my batchmates who have applied this year/previous years. Yes, it reads".. your application has not met the minimum GPA requirement of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies..". I am shocked as my gpa is >3 in the US grading systems (which I believe isn't so low?). I have asked them to revert back but they havent replied yet. Also thanks for the suggestion, I have asked them if there's a possible way to mitigate this What's even more weird is that my portal never got updated even when I had been receiving mails f
  2. Hi all I just received a mail from SEAS that I haven't met a minimum GPA requirement, after being accepted into the program earlier. Has anyone else that's been accepted into SEAS received something similar or is it just me? Does this typically happen?
  3. Well I'm a new applicant but I'm considering applying again. But damn it seems futile to be very honest, it seems like this course is really picking pace Do ad-comms typically give feedback? This is my first year applying to grad schools so I'm very new to this
  4. I wonder if it were the grades for me. I know only 1 person from my previous batch that got in and had >9/10..
  5. Got my result but didn't get in.. damn what a year
  6. Pretty generic rejection. "We regret to inform" etc etc Hope one of the peeps in this forum gets in! Really want to get an idea as to what they look for in an applicant
  7. Same here. Absolutely gutted but expected it. Good luck to those still waiting!
  8. Oh wow congrats! I applied to Science, tech and policy instead but haven't heard back yet Will you be taking that offer if not TPP?
  9. Looks like we're in the last mile now! As for anyone trying to understand why the delays are in place, I think a lot of colleges have delayed processes this year (I'm guessing due to covid). I'm still waiting to hear from CMU for their EPP course and from ETH Zurich despite having applied for both on Dec 15th. If anyone from this forum has also applied to these two unis, please let me know if you've heard back from them!
  10. Good luck to you too my friend. I too was someone who was just applying to TPP but realised that was a little too farfetched for me haha Then I applied to a couple more but that's it. I too applied to energy and environment track as I have a background in renewable energy (working on energy storage systems both as distributed networks and centralised systems) Fingers crossed, hope at least a few of us get in (this forum keeps me a bit sane so thanks everyone)
  11. Yeah I too see only 3 acceptances. Guess we'll just have to wait another week
  12. Nothing for me. Still waiting, still a little hopeful but deep down I guess I know what it's going to be.. All the best folks!
  13. Have you applied for masters or PhD at CMU? Also have you heard from them? My area of interest is renewable energy/climate change too! I've also applied to UMich SEAS which I've received an offer from in their sustainable systems track. Also, I'm trying to explore the research field (which I never have before, have industry exposure though) as well so I'm wondering which place is the best MIT would've been great but my chances are bleak if I have to be frank (low CG, not much research experience). I applied only cause carpe diem Personally, I really liked the EPP curriculum t
  14. It says 16th Jan on my portal as well. Weirdly though, my portal doesn't seem to reflect my application decision nor any funding information What's work study btw? Also you're talking about the wolverine portal right?
  15. Would you then say UMich is a lot more research oriented masters? Cause im actually trying to explore the research field as I never really got around it in undergrad. Although having worked 2 years in a full time role myself, a higher paying job is definitely quite attractive but Im a bit anxious about the whole visa process. Sounds quite stressful for international students I read on their site that the GSIs are based on the merits and hence are usually granted to 2nd year students. Whereas GSRAs are from the departments (don't remember exactly) and you may get from the
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