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  1. Thanks so much for this! I emailed on May 8th (after confirming with my department some funding questions). I followed up last night as you suggested and woke up to an email stating the same thing this morning.
  2. I've never accepted one of these awards before. In line with the award holder's guide, I emailed that I was accepting the terms of the award and the start date. I have yet to get a reply, however, and as the deadline to accept approaches I'm getting nervous that I did something wrong. Can anyone confirm how they accepted their award?
  3. Sorry for the delay! My packet was scored a 14.10/ 20. Hope this is helpful.
  4. It's definitely worth it to have it paid to a Canadian account and then move it as you need it. For reference, if I wire money from the US to a Canadian USD account, then convert it, I always get a better exchange rate. But there are tax forms and such involved with moving more than 10k to the US at a time. Also things to consider for direct applicants abroad.
  5. We're paid directly. According to the website "Award holders will have their instalments converted to the currency of the bank account indicated on the Payee and Direct Deposit Enrolment Form." The base denomination will be Canadian dollars. More information here: https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/Guides-Guides/TriRTA-TriBFR_eng.asp#awardspaid
  6. I didn't receive a notification that my results were up, but out of curiosity I logged in this evening. I got a SSHRC! Direct applicant from a US program. Applied to committee 5. For what it's worth, I'm in my fourth year at a US program, so it's only 20K, but this might be enough for me to haggle 6th year support from my program.
  7. I received the SSHRC set up info for the Extranet portal this afternoon at 1:26PM. Gave me a start. As noted by others, the portal has no results yet and another email will follow when they have been uploaded...feels like reviewing acceptance/rejection letters for grad school all over again. FWIW, I'm a direct applicant (my program is in the US). This is the last year I can apply.
  8. Eligibility criteria to follow. I am not expecting to be eligible as a Canadian studying in the US. But it's a relief, that's for sure.
  9. I'm a Canadian completing my PhD in the US; as such I don't expect to hear back from my institution about any results. I still keep checking my mailbox every day though. 🤦‍♀️
  10. I don't even see that - just that the current version of my CV has been verified. :S Perhaps I wasn't eligible? Who knows. Will be watching my mail (and having a friend check my mail in the US). Yay for waiting!
  11. Thanks for creating this thread and posting updates about when we should expect results. I'm a SSHRC doctoral award applicant and have been really confused as my application is no longer visible under my portfolio on the website. My last email from them was an acknowledgement that my application was received in December. Is that the case for everyone?
  12. On Rank, I would consider the relative position of people working in your subfield at the institution under consideration, not the department's rank overall. Some departments have incredibly strong faculty in one field (IR, CP, American, Theory etc) but not in others. On Academic Fit, I would consider whether your epistemological outlook is aligned with potential PIs. Substantive topics aside, are people doing the kind of research you want to be doing (natural experiments, ethnography etc). Will advisors allow you to do the work you want to do, the way you want to do it or will they push
  13. As an aside, it's worth thinking about how isolating a PhD is overall - no matter where you attend. While your first year or two is quite busy with coursework, once you're ABD you are for all intents and purposes a researcher. You dive into your work, and it's all on you to be productive. Most advisors won't impose deadlines on you, which means it's entirely on you to hit targets and be independently motivated. The idea is to see how well you can do as an academic - since being a junior faculty member means you won't have any deadlines beyond those imposed on yourself. I didn't quite appr
  14. Hey all. Saw the recent conversation about admission stats for OSU. Statistics wise, Princeton usually gets 500+ applications in a given year and admits ~40 people across 6 subfields (IR, CP, AP, Theory, Methods, Public Law) for an admission rate of 8% (less during years when it's higher). They aim for a cohort of 20ish but some are smaller (16) and some are larger (27) depending on the year. I suspect Harvard is similar, though they can have cohorts of 30. Just thought I'd pop this up here for perspective. https://www.princeton.edu/politics/graduate/prospective/faqs/
  15. As a side note, if math camps are on ABD student resumes, it's likely because they helped lead it. In terms of timing, assuming camps will fall around August 10th assumes many other things - like acceptances (sorry to be blunt about this...just being honest). I honestly don't know and can't say anything with certainty about the timing of math camps for any of those programs. Luckily August is ~8 months away, so you should feel more than safe planning your trips closer to the beginning of Spring (say in 2-3 months) when you have a sense of what's going on for you - and this is still 5-6 mo
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