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  1. Does anyone have an inkling about what's up with American? I thought by now basically all results would be out.
  2. Anyone declining Georgetown? Better yet, any comparativists? I would burst into tears the second I received a notification that i got off of the waitlist. Also, if you do decline and I get a spot, I can commit to writing very favorable review articles of all of your work when I am a very important and established academic. Deal?
  3. So do we think Georgetown is done? I saw a few more acceptances were posted over the weekend, some with funding and some without. Thoughts anyone?
  4. Happy to report that I've been offered a tenure-track position in my parents' basement!
  5. I've been in touch with them and it seems like if you haven't heard you're still in the running. I was told final decisions should be out by mid-March. Not sure about funding though (if they've already dished it all out?) I'm with you on the emotionally exhausting part
  6. Doing research while obsessively refreshing grad cafe/email has only gotten harder as this month has dragged on. I thought by now I would have perfected it. Can only hope that my productivity will shoot through the roof when and if I get an acceptance!
  7. Claiming an NYU rejection--expected as it wasn't a great fit. But now I'm dying for some good news from ANY of the other eight schools I'm waiting on!
  8. Wondering if anyone has claimed the Georgetown acceptances? The phone calls seem sporadic -- thoughts on if they're from POI's and maybe that's why? If anyone accepted is willing to share, what is your subfield? Most importantly: Congrats!!!
  9. The missing comma!!! Oh well. Great that you're excited about San Diego! That's a great option
  10. Congrats to all the Princeton admits! It's a great program. And of course condolences to those who were destroyed in the bloodbath this morning (myself included). It's a weird relief to FINALLY hear from somewhere--cheers to all of us still waiting on an offer #itonlytakesone
  11. Professor Dickson is mainly a methods/political psychology guy but he has a lot of expertise in the region. Professor Scacco focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa, but her research on participation in collective action/violence is really intriguing to me, and perhaps applicable to the developments in the region.
  12. For a PhD or a Master's? How did you receive the notification? I don't see anything about Georgetown listed on the results page. Most importantly: CONGRATS!
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