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  1. claiming harvard as well! I am IR. THIS IS CRAZY.
  2. Emailed a professor and to inquire about yale, and received official confirmation of rejection. Still waiting for harvard, but I would not take that over columbia so I guess this season is it for me! Incredibly grateful for the schools to which I've been accepted I wish everyone the best of luck for any schools that are still out there!
  3. Another yale! congrats to whoever it is gosh the nerves are really on now...
  4. Congrats!! Did you get your decision via postal service already, or did your POI contact you?
  5. oh if only that were true... but somehow i feel like it might be closer to: "its 5pm, looks like we can't figure everything out today. hash this out same time next week?"
  6. You could try emailing profs at colleges near you, to see if they need any RAs. Some profs take on full-time assistants (for example Chris Blattman @ Columbia put out a search for one like two months ago or something I think), while others might be open to hiring you on an hourly basis. Just send out a billion emails and attach your CV, and you might get a few positive replies.
  7. if yale doesn't release today, i shall flip tables in despair at having to weather another silent weekend.
  8. Yup. and also of grad students at schools I want to be in. And also young assistant profs that have moved on to great jobs. To the point where i can actually tell you who's been on who's dissertation committees...desperate stalkerish behavior
  9. it may be possible, but kind of rude, to defer a school just so you can try your luck next round. When you defer, it's with the idea that you will be attending the following year because some legitimate reason prevents you from doing so this year...
  10. i am so exhausted from just sitting here waiting for yale
  11. In my SOP I gave an overarching area I'm interested in, two subtopics that I could see myself working on, and within those subtopics, several questions per subtopic that could be interesting. I then vaguely described the research method that I might use to solve some of these questions. Then my background/research work that could help me examine such questions. Last paragraph ends with, oh but I want to keep an open mind and learn tons of cool things in grad school, some skills i'd like to work on (ex. more game theory), amazing profs that I've been idolizing since birth, please take me thanks
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