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  1. Targy

    State College, PA

    Thanks, jullietmercredi! I was looking at Lion's Gate, but maybe I won't so much now. That was really helpful!
  2. Are any of the recent Stanford admits IR?
  3. Part of the overnight UCSD massacre. I figured after this long, it was probably a rejection. I think I've been shut out, but on the plus side it's giving me a peace about my choice. I'm into my best fit school, so that's really all I could ask for.
  4. Congrats to the Emory admit! Were you interviewed as well?
  5. What are the chances that there are more UCSD acceptances to come? Trying to hold out hope.
  6. In case anyone is waiting on Emory, I emailed them since I presumed a rejection. They responded with: "Thank you for your inquiry regarding the status of your application. The Graduate Admissions Committee has been reviewing applications and will likely make their decisions sometimes next week. Notifications should be sent out soon afterwards."
  7. ^It's always been there. Been checking it obsessively since I found it, haha.
  8. Was first notified about the fellowship nomination by the graduate school. Emailed Jerry Fisher to confirm acceptance by the department. I'll give you a few details. Some are somewhat embarrassing, so I'll give ballpark. GRE 165V, <160Q. Three pubs: one first author, two in peer-reviewed journals. 4.0 while getting 3 B.A.s. On a full ride scholarship at a public university. Hope that helps.
  9. Yep, contacted the department. It was option number 1, meaning I'm the FSU admit. Yay!
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering - if you receive a notification that you have been nominated for a fellowship but haven't heard an official acceptance yet, is it implied? I just sent an awkward email to the dept asking, but I wanted to know if it's a normal assumption to make. Edit: Never mine, looks like it was implied. Cool.
  11. Anyone else feeling anxious/awkward because nominations for a few of Florida State's fellowships are due today? Maybe I'm just too bigheaded, thinking I should get one, haha.
  12. I'm in a somewhat less complicated situation. My significant other will be graduating at the same time and looking for a job in the area that I will end up. He's started looking in the likely candidate areas, but there is no guarantee that it will work out nicely right away. We have a small nest egg that we would fall back on in case he can't find a job immediately. Trying to plan as much as possible in the meantime and hoping for the best.
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