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  1. I am fairly sure a nice pair of dark jeans (read: one without holes/stains. I also think darker jeans look nicer than the really light colored ones) and a nice dressy top are perfectly acceptable in my opinion.
  2. Not true. In order for an applicant to be accepted, your file has to go to the graduate school. The DGS cannot wake up one morning and take away your offer. The DGS will have to go through the graduate school first. And unless some major offense is committed, a DGS will not go through all the paper work/discussion with the graduate school because that will ruin his/her day more than spilling coffee.
  3. It is clear that you are not being deceitful as the grade was not on your transcripts yet. From what I've heard, once they accept you, they can't take your offer away unless you do something horrible (kill someone, say you went to school X when you went to school Y, forge your letters, cheated on the GRE, etc.).
  4. I like bright colored socks. When you are having a crappy day, it is great to look down and see bright neon yellow and green stripped socks.
  5. This "coping" thing, I have never heard of it. Not in any dictionary I have at home.
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