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  1. I would forgo the biology course - I don't think it will help. Here is the list of required courses for Chemical Engineering at my alma mater. You don't have to take them all, of course! - but taking a few of them will help your application. http://nanoengineering.ucsd.edu/undergrad-programs/degree/bs-chemical-engineering/major-req
  2. "Second year blues" are starting to kick in... when is something going to go right?
  3. LaTeX users: how long did it take for you to learn?

    1. fuzzylogician


      Depends on what you mean by learn.. Everyone I know started by inheriting someone's document and using their preamble and settings. With time, you learn to do more sophisticated things and change settings to suit your preferences. Simple text-editing was intuitive pretty early for me, but some complicated stuff I still have to google every time I need it. 

  4. There might be rolling admissions for some of the Cal States that would accept him in Spring, but many schools have already started.
  5. Not taking any classes this next quarter, woohoo! So much has happened this past year! - Switched from an MS track to an MS/PhD track (something I never had the guts to do before); my advisor retired, so I joined a new lab; learned lots and lots of new things since my undergrad degree was in a different (yet related) field; ended an 8 year relationship; learned many new machines and techniques, even authorized to use a few; passed my comprehensive exams and now have an MS; moving into grad student housing; I have one paper under review, 2 more being typed up, and I'm almost ready to write my f
  6. Looking forward to moving into graduate housing at the end of this week! My room is going to be much smaller, but at least I'll be saving a few hundred bucks a month :)

  7. Making up excuses just to go to the clean room because it has good air conditioning...

  8. There are some good discount/resale shops in Pacific Beach. There is also a Big Lots in Clairemont.The Goodwill in La Jolla doesn't sell furniture, just clothes (it's a very small Goodwill). The resale shop on campus also sells mostly clothes, dishware, trinkets, etc. Craigslist is your best bet.
  9. Yes, I think it is. I was accepted to UC Irvine and my GRE scores were not as good as yours. I also graduated from a good school, but it wasn't the best school. I also did not have any research experience, but I had 4 years working experience. From my experience, I think you have a good chance.
  10. It was a suspicion that my advisors preferred to be called by "Prof." rather than "Dr.", but no one ever corrected me when I addressed them as "Dr". A few months ago, I realized that becoming a professor is a major achievement on its own, and while my colleagues were passing their defenses and earning the "Dr." title, our advisors were still above them in stature. Therefore, I began switching to "Prof"... but was never sure if they cared, or even noticed. Anyways, my comment is getting off topic!
  11. Academics prefer not to be addressed by Dr.?! Uh oh....
  12. Reading, reading, reading. But hey, I passed comps! I have an MS now!

    1. angel_kaye13



    2. RunnerGrad
  13. I just did a quick search and found some available seats for next month and September at the Laurel Springs location. Maybe you experienced a glitch earlier?
  14. Did my undergrad studies at UCSD, and have returned as a graduate student, and have been following this thread... allow me to help! If you're coming from graduate student housing (One Miramar or Mesa), I can confirm the only way to cross the 5 is via Voight Dr or La Jolla Village Drive, but I highly recommend Voight Drive. La Jolla Village Drive is dangerous for cyclists(cars go very quickly and there is no bike lane). As a pedestrian, while there is a sidewalk, you would have to cross the on-ramp and the off-ramp to the 5... which can be risky, especially at night. Do you know about the M
  15. Comprehensive exam tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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    2. Threeboysmom


      Good luck just found out today I passed mine.

    3. starofdawn


      Congrats! I hope to pass mine! The coordinator for our program said it might take a month to get our results back :(

    4. Munashi


      Hope it went well...!

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