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  1. To the people who got emails from their POI's at University of Houston, please DM me!
  2. Yeah. It's not a big deal that they have it, you just shouldn't know about it. And I've tried calling my department to see if all the interviews have been sent out but I keep getting directed to the wrong department. I may explode if I have to say psychology one more time
  3. I think that's a bit of a red flag. Like, they should know how to hide that stuff.
  4. Last year, I applied to a MS program and was accepted but chose another offer. I was the only applicant and would have gotten to work closely with the faculty because it's a small school. Would it be rude to call and ask about joining for fall 2019 even though I didn't submit a formal application for fall 2019?
  5. Same! I'd like to learn a bit more about the two. I didn't even know what those are
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