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  1. Feels a tiny bit better to commiserate. I got one waitlist just an hour ago and I am not getting my hopes up. It was the last school I had any hope for, so it actually helps me move on. Also, deleting my Gmail app on my phone seems to be working.
  2. I have had some interviews, but none of them went well. I got one rejection and silence from the rest. I can sort of tell that my chances are very small. 1) I can make peace with that. I will just have to figure out some other career plan and things might turn out for the better. 2) However, because of that small chance of getting accepted, I cannot make any long-term commitments, for as long as 2 months from now. I calm myself down in the morning at work thinking 1) over and over again, which works at least through the day. But just when I think I am at peace, the
  3. It's been some time since the original post, so I guess the person might have gotten some results. But I also got one rejection, a few interviews, but nothing else. Its agonizing to know results can come as late as two months from now!
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