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  1. Just officially enrolled in courses!
  2. I heard Coast has a 2 year waiting list! But I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  3. I visited there last year and was THISCLOSE to going. Some exciting things are coming out of UNL and the faculty and young and committed! It would be a great place to end up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  4. Gender and Family Tell me more....do you know something we don't? Ha ha.
  5. I know this was asked about 10 pages back, but I can't find it. Who else is in UCLA limbo with me? I'm hesitant to call or email if anyone else has recently... Any updates? If not, I may call Wendy Fujinama.
  6. Can the Vanderbilt applicant who posted this on the results PM me? "Email notification from director indicating that I am on the waitlist and admission is dependent upon students declining their offer. If admitted I will also have funding..." I got the same email and had a question about your process! Thanks!
  7. Congratulations to all of the admitted/incoming UCSD students!
  8. At least you have a Wait list. I got rejected from both within 20 minutes. Ha ha. Hang in there! The right thing will happen.
  9. Congratulations! Also received my email today. Breathing a huge sigh of relief and looking forward to visit weekend/funding details.
  10. Vanderbilt applicants...several rejections on the results search reference the website. A. What made you check? Email? Hunch? B. Mine still says Submitted, so I'm guessing I'm in limbo here. Anyone else waiting a verdict?
  11. They said they were aiming for some time this week.
  12. 2 rejections in 20 minutes. Talk about a blow. Congrats Duke and Berkeley admits! All we need is 1, right?
  13. Saw the UNC admit and instantly "throw up in your mouth" feeling from last year. Bummed about UT-Austin...but hoping my UCLA admit is just one of the later ones. Or I'll hit refresh and see something from UNC. in the mean time....deep breaths, y'all. Nothing we can do but wait!
  14. Just completed my 11th application! Currently on a research trip in South Africa and hoping all of the amazing energy I'm feeling translates to some positive results. Good luck everyone!
  15. At most places, a GRE score won't make or break you, unless there is a huge discrepancy in your two scores or if the scores are way out of line with the department. Scores like this will likely ensure that your app will be read any places where you apply, which is a good thing. There are no departments where this would be slam dunks....it's really more about the materials that you put together. Oh and it's not that unusual to switch into Soc. It's a field that welcomes and collaborates with many others. Good luck!
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