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Prerequisite courses for entering a MS in Chemical Engineering?


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Hi. I have a BA in math but very little coursework in chemistry or physics. I am thinking about applying for a MS in chemical engineering.

I plan on taking a semester of biology, two semester of organic chem, two semesters of physics from a CC, and try to take physical chemistry at a university that allows non-matriculants to take courses for credit. Would that be enough preparation for applying to a MS program in chemical engineering? I am also thinking about taking the GRE Chemistry exam and seeing if any labs would want a math major working around beakers and pipets.


Some universities straight out say that I need a year of organic chem and a year of physical chem whereas others say "applicants without chem e degrees may be provisionally accepted and must complete prereqs within a year" or something like that.


Anyway, I'm looking for advice here, I wasn't sure where to ask.




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While chemistry & physics coursework will help provide some background, you will need to take some basic engineering principles courses. Most ChE MS programs will  have some "tougher" coursework which will be building on foundational courses that would have been taken at the undergrad level. 

Some useful (but not absolutely necessary depending on the institute) coursework: material & energy balances, heat & mass transfer, material science, basics of electrical engineering, basic programming. Your math degree should help you get familiar w/ engineering math (which doesn't tend to go beyond partial diff eqns).

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I would forgo the biology course - I don't think it will help.

Here is the list of required courses for Chemical Engineering at my alma mater. You don't have to take them all, of course! - but taking a few of them will help your application.


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