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GRE testing dates - is this possible?


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Hi all,


I live in New Jersey and am hoping to take the general test in the fall. When I tried to register, there is absolutely NO registration date anywhere for any of the locations, even into next year, fall 2016? Is this possible? Or is there something wrong with the system that there are no seats available anywhere, at any time? Also, when is it a good time to register, generally?



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I just did a quick search and found some available seats for next month and September at the Laurel Springs location. Maybe you experienced a glitch earlier?

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It is probably a glitch. I remember noticing this too once in awhile back in 2011. Usually, the testing centers in major cities should have dates every day, even Saturdays! Note however, that subject tests are only offered three times per year (one Saturday each in April, September, October, I believe)

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Hi rusalka,


It's important to note that most testing facilities are relatively small (they can only hold so many Test Takers at a time), so the available 'spots' on certain days/times at certain locations can fill up relatively quickly. Thus, if you're looking for a specific day/time combination, it's usually a good idea to plan ahead and schedule your appointment at least a month in advance. If you have to schedule at the last second, then you might get 'lucky' and end up with the perfect appointment time, but that's something that I would NOT leave to chance. There are certain days/times of day that you will perform better - making sure that you're taking the GRE at THAT day/time could be quite beneficial to your overall performance.


GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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