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  1. How did I get here?

  2. yeah, the offsite chat. directions in Monochrome Spring's signature
  3. Staying up for the grfp is like waiting for christmas morning, but you're old enough to realize that the shiny box waiting for you underneath that sparkly tree is most likely gonna be a 6pack of itchy beige crew socks.
  4. Fastlane is downnnn. Is it really happening?!?!?!!!
  5. If the list is posted online beforehand, how long does it take the emails to go out after that initial reveal? Also, thanks to the vets for answering the calls of our anxiety and inexperience. You make our wait at least a bit more tolerable.
  6. Left after the grad app wait, came back for the GRFP. GradCafe whyyyyyyyyy #AcademiaProblems

    1. Monochrome Spring

      Monochrome Spring

      It's a drug. Say no.

  7. According to this list, I was the nerdiest kid in school. *the math team --> President *Chess team --> President *band geek --> Jazz, marching, Pit and Pep Band. I was like, the queen of band. *took all AP/IB classes --> Quite a few, couldn't take as many since they interfered with my arty things (AP art/Jazz band). Also, UG wouldn't take any of them *did research --> no *tutored --> no *spent summers interning --> no *involved in academic extracurriculars --> Hah, there was an NHS club thing, but I was not interested. *competed in a Spelling Bee -->
  8. Going to visit Boston in a few weeks. I could be doing productive things like looking at apartments in the area or visiting friends, but instead I'm just super stoked about getting a BU hoodie.

    1. 123hardasABC


      I understand your priorities, haha.

    2. DeafAudi


      haha, I second the above poster! I wanted to get a hoodie from my school so badly but I live out of province and the shipping is $15 :(.

    3. gk210


      aww man i'm not flying out till july. bring me back a BU sweater pyro! lol

  9. Linkin Park and Korn. JUDGE AWAY I REGRET NOTHING
  10. I second on calling. I had to call a few times but once I got a hold of the program coordinator she was very nice and extraordinarily helpful. PM me if you need help finding her contact info.
  11. Haaa. Relevant: http://www.whatwouldmymitgrade.be/ (and so is this: http://www.whatwouldmyharvardgrade.be/ ) Those 4 years are rough. Average MIT GPA is 4.2/5 (~3.1/4). My GPA was lower end (3.9/5 or 2.9/4), and an MIT stamp isn't a free ticket into grad school. I got in during my first app season but I also had 2.5 years of full-time research as a tech (flipped the rat in 2011). I assume that a UG's reputation can pull a lot of weight, but a recent MIT grad with a burnt out GPA is still a burnt out grad. I wouldn't doubt it in the slightest if adcomms favored someone with high honors and
  12. This thread has made me bring out my ratty grey converse flats from the closet. I forgot how comfy they are.
  13. I'm going to BU for MCBB, which is the interdisciplinary program that has bioinformatics as a sect. I'm lean more towards the molec bio side of things, but it's still cool to see people I might be taking classes with. Sup dood!
  14. I knew the wait for a decision was going to be bad. Thinking the wait until August might actually be worse. Back to school, back to school!

    1. justinmcummings


      it's worse if you graduated last December :-|

    2. pyrocide


      I graduated back in June 2011, so I know the feel. :P

    3. justinmcummings


      Dang, I've been hesitant to interview for jobs because it would look bad if I got in and left after 2-3 months

  15. 'salright dood. I was out there for my undergraduate years, so I'm aware of the craziness that is Boston's housing market. Going to be living with my boyfriend who's already out there. We're on it.
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