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  1. Been to Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland, Great Britain, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Mexico Next destination: Peru. Also really want to go to Dubai too! And {insert destination etc.}...
  2. Pssshhhhhhht. I sing this LOUDLY in the shower. We'd make a great team.
  3. Child-free and enjoying it I don't hate children though, and actually get along quite nicely with my nieces. I spoil them silly with carbs and sweets, and since chocolate is my air, this makes me very popular with them. I think my main reason for not wanting to have kids is just that. Having kids freaks the living sh*t out of me. I minored in Biology and the prospect of giving birth still terrifies me. My sister had a c-section and to say it was gruesome is an understatement. But, since I don't hate kids, I may one day decide to adopt or become a foster parent. For now, carpe diem
  4. What guilty pleasure? That's a way of life =P
  5. For me it's chocolate, and so much of it that my dentist has a love-hate relationship with me =P
  6. So dissappointed in HIMYM series finale. Feel so cheated! In other news, to the person who takes their morning dump in the public toilet, do flush that loaf. Stop disgracing yourself. *shudder*
  7. So I'm no expert or psychiatrist, but a simple search gave me the following sites that could help: Dr. Oz's alternatives to anti-depressant medication: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/best-natural-anti-depressants There's also an offsite depression support forum: http://psychcentral.com/resources/Depression/Support_Groups/ I've never used it, but it may help. And I found depression diagnostic test: http://psychcentral.com/depquiz.htm Note: should not replace medical support! Depression is a very serious matter, and for the OP to reach out to people here makes sense and we sho
  8. According to New Girl, this could get messy, especially if your roommate looks like Zooey Deschanel
  9. That sounds awful. Do you have any relatives living there? See if you could rent from them, and maybe they can give you a nepotistic deal
  10. dstock gave a good list. I've added my expenses breakdown: Monthly Bills/pay every month: Rent $850 (I share a 2 bedroom apartment with one other roommate. She's awesome) Utilities (Electric, heat, etc) 0 (included with my rent... yayy!) Internet 45 Cell Phone (who uses landline these days?)
  11. I've found meditation to be very helpful. It allows you to clear you mind, keeps your mood content, and helps you sleep. 5 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes before bed does the trick for me
  12. Likewise, I've been in the same situation. Moved to a different state for undergrad, graduated and moved back home with my parents, couldn't stand their dysfunctional ways, moved out again for grad school. The first year of undergrad was the toughest since I had to learn how to use the laundry for the first time. I remember being so embarrassed to ask people how to operate the laundry that I neglected to wash my clothes for four months. Out of socks? Let's just buy a whole new pack from wal-mart. I'm not particularly proud of this. I've been working since I was in middle school though, so I've
  13. Hell no. I lead my own life, thank you very much.
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