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  1. This forum is clearly full of highly talented and highly motivated political scientists. May many of you become great scholars! I thought I'd take the opportunity and ask: What do you find the most exciting Political Science research? Any books or articles in particular that made you want to become a researcher yourself? Any pieces of work every future political science scholar should have read? Anything particularly novel and innovative? It would be great if many of you would share your favorites - as this forum clearly is a source of information and motivation to many.
  2. Before I saw this map, I would have preferred UChicago to Northwestern. Apart from this map, what do you think how they compare for theory?
  3. So did you get called by POI or subfield coordinator?
  4. There's all reason for hope. If they called US numbers at 1am GMT, they would have to wait to the next morning to call Europeans, for example.
  5. About the rank issue: I'm quite worried about carrer prospects after the PhD. What are the things that matter for this? -How well they teach you what you want to learn. -How well they teach you what to want to learn - in order to be successful on the job market. -Opportunities to network (that includes research centers, research assistanceships, travel money etc). -Training\experience in teaching, programming, and other transferable skills. Isn't everything else secondary with respect to making this thing a career? And do rankings reflect how well programs offer these things? My gue
  6. We're thinking of them, they're thinking of us: http://chrisblattman.com/2014/02/11/this-blog-has-been-hit-by-negative-time-shocks/
  7. We should team up: the perpetual rejects. The challenge is to leave the team last.
  8. I go out and run 5 miles. This month, I've run 20 miles. So far.
  9. Seems like MIT need extra time this year. On their website's FAQ, it used to say decisions by Feb 15th. Now it says: "Are applications reviewed as they are received? Applications are not reviewed until after the December 15th deadline. Admission decisions will be made in late February." and below that the old version: "When will I receive a decision from Political Science at MIT? Decisions will be made in early February."
  10. Starting the day with some wishful thinking: Today, I am going to get admitted by my top choice.
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