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  1. If you want to study political psychology, the only answer is Stony Brook. Period.
  2. bad, you don't see placements from there, plus a shitty town to live.
  3. Do you want to study postcolonialism in the US? Started wrong. Look for programs in Latin America
  4. I was waitlisted on my #1 and today just got the offer! So happy! Good luck everyone, stay optimistic!
  5. nooxhc

    New York, NY

    I have an offer from Stony Brook University, and I want to know how the area is. Since, I am an international student, I am not able to attend the visit day to get to know the area in advance. Any suggestions on the housing issues? Many thanks!
  6. nooxhc

    Greenville, NC

    from this year http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/montreal-named-world-s-best-city-for-students-1.3984987
  7. Must be really good I find the writing sample the most important one. This is here how they will evaluate international applicants english knowledge, research skills and field expertise. That is why they don't care a lot about Verbal Skills or Writing in GRE for international applicants.
  8. What do you mean? Well, you have to submit your SOP and WS on french.
  9. nooxhc

    Nashville, TN

    Which neighborhoods would be around 15min bike distance to Vandy?
  10. Totally, that is the good thing of being an international applicant. Finish the PhD and came back home way more competitive than the ones who did they grad school in my home country. Some Americans are realizing that and starting to learn another language and doing field work outside US. Well, I don't even consider looking for a TT in the US, since that in my home country I will be treated like T10.
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