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  1. Thank you! I was told that visiting days are from March 30th to March 31st
  2. Claiming the acceptance at ND! Best of luck to those who are waiting for good news!
  3. I wrote the review for Notre Dame! Good luck with your interview!!! It only lasted like 15 minutes for me.
  4. Thanks for the reply! Considering the fact that all programs I applied to were based on strong fit, and funding may be similar amongst programs, visitation would be most crucial for me to decide where to go. I wish you the best with your applications!!
  5. I came back to share my interview experience with eveybody else. Maybe it could be of help for those who are interviewing with ND! So the professor asked three questions, why ND, what field I am most interested in (including a possible minor field). The last question was most difficult. My POI asked me where I have been accepted to, here, I kind of panicked because I didnt know whether telling them the whole list was appropriate, but I blurted out the list. My POI asked how much possibiity there is for me to go to ND if I were accepted. As ND was one of my top choices in terms of fit, I said t
  6. I think not all applicants are interviewed considering what I saw from last year. Just to clarify, I am an international student, so it may be that they want to find out whether I am able to communicate in English. I heard from my advisor that (this is in general though) some interviews for international applicants are partly to check whether the applicants actually wrote the SOPs and writing samples. Anyhows, good luck to you guys!! I completely agree. I just read over my SOP and the phrases I wrote cannot be this embarassing...
  7. This is wonderful advice! You are right I love this field and what I study, and will just try to enjoy the conversation. Thank you HermionieWannabe. I wish you all the best with your applications! And best of luck to others who are also waiting for good news!
  8. Claiming the Notre Dame interview. God I am nervous. Have no idea what the POI will ask. All it said on the email was that the POI wanted to discuss my applications....
  9. I will be visiting Northwestern for the prospective students day, and I was told it was from February 23rd to 26th.
  10. Congrats to those with wonderful news! I think Georgetown decisions are approaching. There was this generic e-mail sent to international students on their commitment to global diversity. Nearly gave me a heart attack before opening it, but it was just a promotional mail with info that reviews are almost completed.
  11. This is such a wondeful post! Thank you it is really helpful to know in advance
  12. I wrote one of the Northwestern posts. I am an IR subfield and received the e-mail on 26th. Best of luck to those who are waiting for other results as well!
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