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  1. This may have been said and I missed it... but based on how the OP was worded, just to say it explicitly: I would not mention your institutions reputation under any circumstances. It is either evident to adcomms, or irrelevant. The real estate you have to pitch yourself is limited. Spend your time talking about your research puzzle, career goals, etc... the things unique to you and your hopefully-new institution. Again, as an echo, solid training comes through in writing, not in mentioning rankings/reputation.
  2. Hello group! It's been a while since I've posted, so good to see everyone hard at work here Just wanted to offer words of encouragement: I was submitting all my applications this time last year, I definitely remember the anxiety and impatience. This forum is crazy helpful to let off the nervous energy, but it can suck you in. Use it wisely! Also, wanted to just offer that if any is apply for theory and would like my very, very limited insights, I'm happy to share via PM, or if, more specifically people want to know about University of Virginia, also happy to correspond also. I'll be
  3. I'm sorry I am just seeing this now. Hopefully you applied and are (un)patiently waiting to hear from your schools. This is somewhat similar to the situation I was in last year (M.Div from Vanderbilt, undergrad in PS), and I applied to some of the same schools you did. Short version: I got into a program (University of Virginia) and waitlisted at ND, and a lot of rejections. That seems pretty much par for the course (more or less) in this area, regardless of background of applicants. Just a few thoughts: In terms of admittance, it can be tricky with a limit quant background, as
  4. Visit day went really well, checked out a lot of apartments, most were designed with college life in mind (nothing wrong with that, but coming out of "adult life" made me much pickier about amenities I could live with or without). We are applying to live at Eagles Landing. I see it has mixed reviews online, but most are older.... Any thoughts?
  5. As someone who currently lives in Nashville, and commutes to Vanderbilt from the west side of town, but know many people in the Murfreesboro and Hendersonville areas, I would say the only thing to consider is how much you are frustrated by bumper to bumper traffic. From both of those locations, the traffic coming into Nashville is dense and the commute starts early and ends late. Those areas of town are very nice for families and convenient for creature comforts (grocery stores, big box shopping, pediatric clinics, etc). And if you want to come into Nashville (not during traditional commute ho
  6. First of all, congrats! Second, I went to a small school in Springfield for undergrad (Drury University), graduated in 2010. I still have several friends in the area, and have visited a few times since. I lived on campus during my time there, so I can't say too much about what the rental market is like. However, I really enjoyed the city. It is a rural Midwestern town, but has a lot of eclectic and fun things to do, (and most are very affordable!) and feels much bigger than it is. Having several colleges in the city limits and a decent public school system seems to be attracting younger f
  7. I have one more official decision to receive, then I will be filling this out. Looking forward to it Oh on side note, rejected from UChicago PhD, accepted to MAPPS with 1/3 tuition offer... lol, so basically just rejected.
  8. @Comparativist, I still haven't heard anything yet from UChicago, either. Frustrating.
  9. Waitlisted at Notre Dame! Per email from DGS, ND sent out 15 offers of admission (200~ applications received), and the waitlist contains about 15 people (based on previous cycles, they believe 5 or so will be admitted from waitlist)... and as a point of reference, I was not interviewed at all. Exciting, but confusing... more waiting I suppose. (Sorry if this info has already been shared earlier in thread)
  10. I'll echo the caution about debt and nonprofessional masters. Reputation alone would be too big of a risk for me to get a degree that may or may not help me get to my larger goal. If you are on the level with GMU folks, and explain your long term goals, I'm sure they would understand and help you with using the MA to move where you can be successful. No hard feelings, just trying to be realistic and professional.
  11. Fwiw, I think there are some people that frown on this or look down on it, but overall it's not the biggest issue. I think the biggest concern would be having a smaller academic network and being somewhat insular, in that regard, but if it's a big school with diverse faculty that are involved in many different academic fields, it won't tip the apple cart...
  12. Yeah, what's up with ND? I also applied to the Kroc Institute, polisci track... haven't heard anything. At this point, I'm waiting on people formalizing their rejection. Would be nice just to hear something at this point, so I could feel like this is "wrapped up" and move on.
  13. Is it weird that they didn't send out an email that these were emailed? They are using the same application system that Brown, Cornell, Northwestern, etc. are using and they all sent out emails...? Bizarre... Still can't steal my joy.
  14. So, I'm really not a masochist, but I can't post up my rejections on the results forum... it keeps telling me something about its inability to use 'the socket'? Not sure what that's all about... anyone having issues posting on results posting?
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