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  1. ok... so.....145 on verbal is definitely low, and you need to retake, international students applying to social sciences programs should at least get 155 on both sections. Wven though sometimes schools will notice that you are not using English as your first language, 145 will hurt your chances, big time.
  2. Thanks for this reply! so I heard, from several other resources, that the central role of texts rather than quants and maths is what oneshould heed in the theory sub-field, I'll look into BC, never considered this school, except for some heavy strauss disciples, lol
  3. chicago, sankar muthu comes to mind easily... with that being said, one could realize that post-colonial isn' that hot in US polisci department without much research, you can find more scholars in sociology and literature with a methodological penchant for post-colonialism.
  4. hello everyone, I'm currently finishing up my second master degree in theology at an US research university, previously I've obtained a degree in philosophy overseas, I focus on comparative religious thoughts( relationship between political and religious thoughts, and some critical theory too) in both programs and I plan to apply this year, what I have in mind are programs with strong theory faculty, and if possible I might focus on the field of comparative political theory. So I wonder if it is a big disadvantage not having a empirical social science background? Will it hurt my chances a
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