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  1. My career goal is to have a policy-relevant position in academia. I worked on the Hill and the Pentagon, and almost all of my bosses advised bouncing between academia and the public sector. This has me leaning towards the MA, as I can apply to top 20 PhD programs, and have a degree that carries some weight as a backup option if I apply for jobs. I don't think declining GMU will burn any bridges. My thesis advisor is helping me get in touch with contacts at U of C and one of my other letter writers has been quite open to me pursuing higher ranked opportunities. I do not want to burn bridges
  2. My cycle just finished up and my choices are relatively straightforward— I was accepted at my undergrad institution, George Mason, which is a pretty low-ranked program. However, I have several good matches within the faculty. Additionally, I was given four-years of funding. I also was accepted into U of Chicago's MPSS program, without funding. While this program is well-respected and better ranked, it also involves taking on a boatload of debt. I was wondering if anyone here had any different perspectives or advice? Also, I am not sure if I should post this here or in the main "decisions"
  3. It seems that the two of us claiming the two posts are both Mason students and or alumni. So they might not have even sent out the first wave of acceptances yet. Also, Mason does send out in waves, so this is far from over. Best of luck to everyone with apps still out!
  4. I will claim a GMU as well. It was nice after a trio of rejections already.
  5. I just got my response this afternoon. Its probably a rejection, though with how they're handling their rollout, a mistake is far from out of the question. I just assumed it was a rejection until I got the email confirming. My advice is to do the same. That being said, it is tough not having that closure.
  6. Does anyone know why some people got official rejections from Duke while others of us are getting the silent treatment? Can they just end my misery already?
  7. I have four more. Two rejections so far. I though I would get OSU, so that rejection stung. Princeton was expected. I have three reach schools still out (2 may respond this week). And if not, there is George Mason, which should be a very safe acceptance.
  8. It seems like this is just some more creative trolling.
  9. That sounds absolutely amazing! Congratulations! The anxiety continues for me...
  10. What is your subfield? And was it via email or the portal? Also, congratulations to all of those getting good news today!
  11. I have a feeling that the F5 key on my laptop is not going to have a good week.
  12. Yea, I am not feeling super confident about my odds. I still see pending. My only hope is the terrible system that is OSU's portal. And the small number of late acceptances last year. All-in-all, not much hope left for this one.
  13. Why do you think Friday? I am also waiting on those OSU results.
  14. I have heard the same thing. An undergrad professor I am friends with told me that one of my POIs would not interview. So I am holding out hope. Mostly because I know my other 5 schools will not respond for at least 2 more weeks.
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