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  1. Hi Everyone! Congrats to all those accepted this year I am currently in the 2 year MSW @ UofT I just finished my first year. Please feel free to send me a message if you want to chat about the program, I found this forum immensely helpful when I was applying and I would love to try and help anyone out if I can.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm currently in the 2 yr program at UofT. I was wait listed the first time I applied, they don't have your old application saved anywhere but they can tell based on your application number the first 4 numbers are the year you first applied so for me it was 20131022 (meaning October 22, 2013).
  3. Hey there, I'm currently in the 2 year program. I don't know if they've changed the guidelines since I applied last year but I definitely did not have anywhere close to 3500 hours, there is another school I can't remember which one (sorry) but they had that as a guideline for hours. I probably had somewhere around 500 at the time of application (including paid/volunteer hours). Judging by myself and classmates I would say it is true that UofT really does look at the package as a package, I wouldn't say one thing weighs more than the rest. The minimum grade is a strict guideline though so I
  4. Yes, I have never been a student at UofT, I went April 20th (the date is on the card) and I have the card in my possession so I definitely know that I got it I wonder why they would say that :s
  5. Hey! I got mine done at the library about 3 weeks ago. I just brought my acceptance letter (just in case) and driver's license. They asked for the student number and that was it, done within 5 minutes and you get it right away:)
  6. Hey! Thanks for this post, do you know where I can find which courses I need to take? I want to make sure I register for everything I need but I can't seem to find where that information is posted.
  7. Hey there, for me personally there are a few factors 1. Clinical/Research approach and specializations, these are really big for me, I think that I will get the most out of my education from a school that takes this approach considering my career goals. Also the specialization is something I have been told is a bonus when looking for a job in the clinical field. 2. Placements- they have really amazing options for placements, particularly in the field that I want to go into. This is one of the most exciting aspects of the program for me, I learn better when I am actually on the
  8. Thanks! Strangely, I did not get that email. Regardless my work schedule also conflicts with these dates :(I keep worrying I'm missing something lol
  9. Homes231, What online chat? I don't recall seeing that anywhere in my letters?
  10. Thanks for the reply aay! I went to UofT today and got my T-card made and my e-mail is registered. I also got the OAN number they said the forms will be available online in late April or the beginning of May
  11. From what I understood, in June we will receive a email with more information about registering courses. I saw on ROSI there is a tab where you can register for courses so I am assuming that email will explain in more detail how exactly this is done. To bounce off your question, do you get the T-card on site the same day? I am taking a day off work on Monday to go to campus and get my OAN number/password for OSAP since I can't login and I wanted to get the T-card done in the same trip. Also does anyone know how long the OSAP process takes; will I get the money in time for August when
  12. I did this last year, however I took a risk and ended up changing all 3 references this time around and I guess that paid off. I emailed my original three though and basically said that unfortunately I did not get in however I would be trying again. I explained that I needed to upgrade my application overall by adding some new experiences and that I appreciated all their help in the past and hoped they would be willing to be my reference again For my academic reference I went in person and I did explain it was my second time applying and honestly I think especially people in the field or
  13. Yes, this is how I understood it as well. I am taking a day off work on Monday to go get that done as well as some financial stuff Does anyone know, how long it takes an OSAP loan generally before you get it and are able to pay for school. I am nervous about not having the loan in time to pay for tuition in August any help much appreciated Also to add, in case anyone missed it, for those who are going to UofT this Fall but don't have facebook or don't want to use facebook I made a group here on gradcafe, I'd love to continue keeping in contact with you all through the forum but
  14. Hey there, I would call or e-mail Angela tomorrow, she said all responses were mailed out already. It might still be in the mail if you live out of province, regardless Mid-April has past so I would call to see what is going on Last year she scanned and e-mailed me my wait-list letter because it got lost in the mail.
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