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  1. "UofT MSW at FIFSW - Class of 2019" is what it's called
  2. My advice, as someone who was waitlisted last year, is to not focus on the waitlist at all. Apply for jobs (if that's your plan of action) and focus on moving forward. Try to get the best opportunities you can to strengthen your app, and remember that you're beginning to re-apply in a few short months. That being said, accept your spot on the waitlist and whatever happens, happens. If you do find an amazing job opportunity and happen to find out in August that you've been accepted off the waitlist, you quit your job. Until then - do not focus on getting off. That's just my two cents.
  3. Thanks for the help I'll just be awaiting the email from Angela then. Good luck at your orientation! I'm sure the 2 year will be sometime in the coming month or so as well.
  4. Question for past/current UofT students. Do we receive another info package in the mail once they've received our deposit/acceptance of the offer? I was just wondering how the process works with getting a student card and getting our email set up. I wanted to browse the student housing page and i noticed you need to register with an official uoft email address.
  5. I can also add on to this explanation and say that the difference maker to me getting accepted this year was most definitely my addition of research experience, as well as finishing my thesis. In my personal statement, I wrote about my thesis as my greatest accomplishment, stressing the importance of evidence-based practice in the field of social work. So for those of you wait-listed (or rejected) who are struggling to find out how you can improve, in you are set on UofT as I was, really try to find experience in the research sector. Just my two cents
  6. no idea how it works unfortunately. it frustrated me last year with the whole "we dont rank you" thing. even though i totally do not believe that. its not like they just pull names out of a hat once someone declines their offer.
  7. they don't inform you if you don't get off the waitlist. from what i know, its only a couple people that get off of it, and you can find out anytime between end of April all the way until September. they recommend accepting other schools/jobs (my waitlist letter said that last year).
  8. for everyone who has been waitlisted, do not lose hope. I was waitlisted last year and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Go out there, continue volunteering/finding new volunteer opportunities, work, SAVE money and enjoy your time off. Grad school will happen.
  9. to everyone accepted, we've started a Facebook group so feel free to add yourselves
  10. if someone received an admission without it showing on ACORN, i think anything is possible at this point
  11. ROSI is going to be up and running at 8am tomorrow. Should solve some problems for those who can't log into ACORN.
  12. oh GOD i hope not, because I have yet to receive a letter. Has anyone who's been invited gotten a letter yet (besides the person who's already said they've gotten one).
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