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  1. :PMSW 2014

    :rolleyes:MD 2020

    :wacko:PHD 20??



  2. I agree with you, GPA is not the only thing that guarantees MSW admission. Your personal statement, CV and reference are all counting towards the admission decision. One of my relatives was in the admission panel last year and she said GPA only weighs about 30 percent in students' application.
  3. Try something like supportive housing supervisor or Day program supervisor or social worker in LTC .....your PSW experience and BSW degree is a perfect combination..
  4. Donot get discouraged, York is an excellent school! I have friends did their placement in hospitals and government agencies without using any personal connections. Who knows...
  5. Interview date confirmed on March 23rd. Driving all way from Welland to Kingston now!
  6. Getting ready for Medical School interviews Soon I have only one interview in Canada (Queens), six interviews in States. My status : Result: Invite Time Stamp: 4:27pm Interview Date: TBD GPA: BSW (3.74) MSW(4.0) Year: MSW Completed MCAT: 130/128/130/130 ECs: Three years clinical social worker/educator experience in hospitals , founder of an ethnic focused mental health network. 4 publications, International conferences Geography: OOP Good Luck Doctors !!
  7. I applied to both schools this year. My background is a medical social worker and I am in Canada now.
  8. Everyone has a purpose in life…a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.  – ---Deepak Chopra

  9. I was 23 when i completed my MSW -3 Opps.... three people voted down on this I don't blame you and I indeed feel for you, I was kind unnerved after one of my MSW classmates told me that she can't go to Vegas because she has not reached legal drinking age yet
  10. nicoleMSW, always believe in yourself!! When I applied MSW in 2013, my GPA was only 3.8 (in a 4.3 scale), had no work experience, no research experience, and no strong references. Yet, I was accepted to all three universities in Toronto. Miracles happen all the time as long as you have a faith in yourself
  11. York received over six hundreds applications for two years program... the chance of getting in is less than four percent.... Economy is tough now and free tuition could mean a lot to students.
  12. I bet 50 dollars on U of T sends out first round offer before Feb 15th
  13. the actual letter via snail mail I think my ROSI status updated after I got the letter.
  14. This is not my offer letter, I got my offer on Feb 21......
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