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  1. Good luck friend! feel free to contact me if you have any questions
  2. No news is good news. The order goes Rejection letters- Acceptance package- Second wave Acceptance package - Wait List notice - Off wait List Notice....
  3. Another person called me and she just received the offer package today via snail mail !!! Keep hope alive people !!!! and all the best....
  4. offers will come soon
  5. My lab is located at Odette Cancer Centre,Sunnybrook, feel free to drop by and talk to my student today
  6. A package through mail! She is showing off to everyone in the office now... lol . I had to tell her to calm down and get back to work
  7. My student just received her conditional offer from U of T 2 year MSW this morning !! Good luck to all applicants !!!
  8. Look at rehabilitation hospitals , most of them have long-term care facility and Adult Day program.... West Park, Providence, St.John, Baycrest, Runnymede, just to name few Support housing supervisors usually responsible for scheduling PSWs, monitoring safety of clients, communicating with CCAC and hospitals, some case management and crisis intervention works when needed. Pays usually go from 25 - 32 dollar a hour depending where you work at .
  9. Having work experience can definitely help especially you are already at the management level. I think u of t is more open to those working professionals than other universities, but again your GPA should get you into any MSW program in Ontario. Good luck
  10. Yes, York only does one round of acceptances unless someone declines his/her offer.
  11. I remember Ryerson graduate office called me in late March and asked me if I am still interested in their MSW program. I didn't receive any offer letter or email from the admission office prior to this and I feel it was really weird. Did you attend Ryerson for your BSW?
  12. Canadian Medical School Application Stats

    Thanks thelionking!! finger crossed for both of us
  13. In 2016, 4537 students applied to Queen's medical school and only 100 got in I do not even want go for the interview next week, anyone else feel the same way?
  14. You can find your own placement as long as your supervisor has a MSW or an equivalent degree ( unlike u of t where the school matches you with an agency and your supervisor could be someone with only a BSW degree, I was actually matched to a crisis "call center" and then I just dropped out .lol ) , but to be honest, the placement office is not the greatest and it doesn't really advocate for its students. If you are looking for a placement in hospitals then you may want to utilize your professional connection and network.
  15. Normally takes about a week, but you can actually pick the package up from Ross South 8th floor ( the admin office) if you don't want wait for the snail mail