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  1. Signed it and scanned it and emailed it back to them
  2. When I got accepted into the 1 year msw I didn’t see a change until the evening. So I think they do it throughout the day.
  3. Four weeks since getting the acceptance email
  4. I was wondering this too. So thank you!
  5. Agreed. I wouldn’t call it “throwing money at”. It’s where they allocate their funding. Ryerson could do so as well, but they dont.
  6. For those who have been admitted to uoft, do we mail our acceptance of the offer to the faculty office? Or drop it off in person. It didn’t specify
  7. Hang in there! I’m sure this time next year with more experience you’ll get in!
  8. I also got waitlisted at kings for advanced standing.
  9. I got into the advanced standing at UofT. I have just over 5000 hours of social service experience, another 1200 or so hours of placements, and I think 400 volunteer hours. My GPA was an A. I got an A+ in research methods.
  10. Sgs just changed to decision made . Got my letter
  11. I joined after applying. they sent an email explaining how to set it up.
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