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  1. Hey everyone, I'll be attending the 1 year HBSW at lakehead this year and I'm wondering if anyone around here is a grad of the program that may be able to share their experience in and after the program as well as any helpful advice going into the school year. Thanks
  2. I'm attending University of Calgary's MSW Leadership in Social Service specialization. Completion of the degree doesn't require that I submit a thesis - as I understand it, some universities offer MSW programs that require the submission of a thesis while others just require the completion of courses and placements. I'm wondering if this will hurt my chances of being admitted to a PhD program for social work or if I should seek someone out to supervise a thesis?
  3. I'm currently completing a course-based MSW. I'm wondering if anyone has information about PhD admissions for those of us that complete a course-based MSW - is it still possible to make it into a PhD? Is a thesis a requirement? Thanks for any info!
  4. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has graduated or is currently enrolled in this program? Not sure where to post - this diploma is offered through the faculty of public administration, feel free to move this post if needed! Thanks!
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