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  1. Hey everyone! Some fun Wednesday night news - I just checked my application status, and for those of us who are waiting on advanced standing masters, York is starting to update application status to "currently under consideration” and Carleton has been updating to "recommended for assessment"!~ These are not actual responses yet, but we're getting close!! Exciting!!! 🥳
  2. Hey! I applied to both Carleton, U of T, York, McGill as well as a few other places for the Advanced Standing MSW. I have a lot of experience in research, policy, plenty of publications, conference experience, and direct practice in both government and non profit. I am feeling very good about my chances. I'm under the impression we can expect to start hearing back from Carleton in February, York in April, but not so sure about U of T or McGill. Does anyone in this thread, or previous years applicants have a better idea on when we might hear back from each school? If you are a previo
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