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  1. 10 would be a good idea. Also, you do have about 6 months until the earlier applications are due. That will give you plenty of time to save up for the extra three applications. I honestly wished undergraduate institutions assisted their students more with application fees. It would serve their own interests as well. Sending transcripts really upped my budget - $20 per transcript. (I had to send two transcripts to a few a programs as well upon receiving my Fall semester grades.) Those alone cost $220! Though, you might want to look into a Graduate Application Fee Waiver. Usually you h
  2. Good luck everyone, if you are starting the application process in the summer...GREAT! I started in October, not a good idea if you are busy working/school/senior thesis (probably worse for MA students applying to a PhD program.) My top advice, especially to anyone with a borderline GRE score (310-320), lack of publishing/research experience, and/or GPA (3.0-3.5), is to apply to a variety of schools. I doubted that I'd be able to to get into a top 50 school, and as a result didn't apply to many. I am quite happy I did apply to my top choice school and was accepted; however, I could hav
  3. Thanks. Makes sense. I'll ask around among the senior grad students, but I'll hold off until I am down there. Though I'd be curious just to hear what others have done on here. @Mac, really? High GPA and above average GRE's by no means guarantees acceptance...and CU is a competitive school.
  4. I will be a research assistant at TAMU in the Fall, though every program is different, I'd like to know from those of you with RA experience in Political Science, what the job entails. (Even anecdotal accounts will be helpful.) Are you always up on your feet or in different buildings/offices? Do you attend/lead meetings? Is most of the time spent behind a desk? Do you have a little office or work area? Do you work at home (even if it's in-part)? Does your work at home count as required hours? How was your 20 hour (or so) work week split up? (Was it erratic or the fairly similar each
  5. I would do your research before contacting a POI. Make sure you fully understand their work and demonstrate your interest. Contacting a POI can be a tie-breaker, especially for those of us with less work experience. Though, a PhD applicant, who has either obtained a Master's and/or has substantive field work (i.e. think tank, job in D.C., ect.) might not benefit as much from this contact. In that sense, your work and your interests/intentions are bit more clear. I, for one, felt less experienced and accomplished during the admission process. Though, my SOP was my saving grace. I treated i
  6. I am also going to CS in the Summer/Fall. There is a shuttle from CS from the Airport, to Houston. It's 28 bucks each way...or 56 bucks round trip. Texas A&M is considered one of the safer campuses in the US. Ranked around #38 of 456 universities in the U.S. This has much to do with the low poverty rate for the surrounding areas, and the fact that it is a college town. Hope this helps.
  7. Well, here is my new profile, with updated information, less cynicism and hell of a lot better advice! PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: State University Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science/Legal Studies Undergrad GPA: 3.897 Type of Grad: ------ Grad GPA: -------- GRE: 160/155 Any Special Courses: Several honors courses in philosophy and interdisciplinary fields. Also, legal research AND political research/statistics. Letters of Recommendation: All Political Science Professors, (1. Political Theory/American Politics; 2. International Relations/Comparative Politics; 3. Public Policy)
  8. Selecting a program and weight are irrelevant. This thread, along with the argument, is irrelevant.
  9. Padmapper and Apartmentguide are the best resources from my experience. I've been enjoying just thinking about what life will be like in College Station...or in a larger city in general, in addition to the populace cities nearby such as Houston and Austin. Growing up in a small town, well, technically village, and attending a small university, the Aggie experience will definitely be a HUGE change in my life.
  10. Because your second-hand account anecdote of an undergraduate program at an undisclosed school is somehow indicative that grad school programs don't uphold Federal Regulation, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. Accommodations will be made, in the vast majority of instance. Unless you want to claim that most schools are breaking Federal law? Title II of the ADA covers state funded schools such as universities, community colleges and vocational schools. Title III of the ADA covers private colleges and vocational schools. If a school receives federal dollars regardless of wheth
  11. Look at the department, your interests, find a fit, apply to those schools, and I am sure if a program accepts your application, they can arrange for certain special accommodations. This should not factor which schools you apply in the least bit!
  12. Post something here next time. Spamming in the results, meaning not reporting a result and making complaints,which doesn't help other students in the future. So, the message, if presented in this thread, is fine.
  13. ^ I noticed that too, but I would not consider the type unfortunate because it made me laugh to no end. By far my favorite blog post from you! Congratzzz!
  14. I saw "Texas A&M" in my new unread email this afternoon, and thought, dread. I know this program has yet to send out rejections, so I knew it was the day of reckoning. Well, I was wrong, it was an acceptance letter. I just now read it another time just to be sure. I literally can't believe this. I'm not even happy or excited yet, I am just in disbelief since this was my top dream program, and I never thought I had a chance. (Okay, it's starting to sink it, and thus, the happiness and excitement!) Looking forward to meeting everyone else who is A&M-bound next Fall!
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