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  1. I am just hoping for 1-2 good indian food restaurants. Hopefully one northern and one southern, depending on which I am feeling that day.
  2. There are a bunch of websites to choose from. There is also a list of apartments with student reviews on the purdue housing section. I found one that generally had positive reviews, location, and price. I then called them and asked them to do a video tour of the apartment for me. Thought it matched what I was looking for and got it. Honestly I have lived in some shitty places, so if it is not ideal I can deal with that for a year. Just spend more time in the lab.
  3. Now just waiting to hear about the rest of my cohort, I am excited.
  4. Yep, basically its a crap shoot for waitlisters. Although if I got accepted somewhere I wouldn't really risk it but that is me.
  5. My place is 490 for a one bedroom 620 square feet. Also madscience I will be getting there around July so am super excited. Gonna spend that last month getting read to start TAing.
  6. Prestige will just make it a little easier, if you are going academic then your own accomplishments will matter much MUCH more than the name on your degree. Just might have to work a little harder at networking and interesting research is all. Which will be a lot easier because you will be a lot happier(plus no funding? fuck that)
  7. I managed to get a nice place in west lafayette, only about 2.1 miles away from my department offices and it is a straight shot down one road. I was quite happy when I found it.
  8. Just got accepted to Central Michigan, which I just declined
  9. I will be attending as well, super excited to be going. Already got my place picked out.
  10. LOL, when I saw the quote totally thought you had accepted to Wayne State I was like O NO.....
  11. Yea, some people have posted acceptances as late as may. I know it sucks but I personally said screw it and accepted basically as soon as I got into one I was happy with. Glad I did because everything about it felt and feels good.
  12. Yep, I am amongst the group that has accepted so far, I think almost everyone from the visitation weekend got an offer. Really exciting.
  13. Also I saw that someone else got accepted to purdue, I was just wondering if you would be interested in PMing and chatting. I was at the weekend and was accepted as well. Maybe say hi again.
  14. Shortlist I believe means they have not decided who they are accepting yet and have limited it until some new information comes in(like an invitation weekend) Waitlist means that you are not in the first round of acceptances, but if someone in the first round declines then you have a chance.
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