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  1. Okay, thanks, Selectext and Anxious. I see what you are saying. I needed to actually have someone confirm my fears regarding the debt issue. I think maybe I have no choice but to go with the less prestigious school. The elite school's program may be too specialized anyway for my not-so-defined goals. I guess over 40 grand is an insane amount to pay for something I'm not 100% sure of. Thanks!
  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am already $35,000 in debt from undergrad and also have about $10,000 in credit card debt. Is it worth it to accumulate another $43,000 in debt (School 1) in order to have the potential of getting a really great job afterwards? My total debt will be considerable at that point. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for all the input, everyone. I guess maybe a more appropriate title would've been "Prestige vs. Fit." See, even though the program at the prestigious school is a stellar one with amazing connections and opportunities, I'm afraid it may be too limited for me. It is a highly specific program. This concern all goes back to my initial dilemma of which program is right for me. I just wish School #2 in general was a little more well respected since I feel the program here would fit my goals better. However, it doesn't have anywhere near the connections as School #1. I guess if I went to #2 I could just try harder on my own to network and find internships outside of the school, as someone suggested. It is one of the largest cities in the country, so there are opportunities. If #1 just wasn't as expensive as it is, I wouldn't be so obsessed with the fact that it might not be the right fit for me. I don't know if I mentioned that I am on the waiting list at school #2 for a fellowship that would cover 100% of tuition; I know it would be very unlikely that someone else would turn this down, but there is the possibility. If only I had just gotten the fellowship in the first place, my choice would've been made for me...
  4. I was going to say NYU until you broached the possibility that it could be under the SCPS (I do know what this specific school is because I've researched a certification program here in the past). Is there a way you can find out for sure whether the program here is an actual master's degree? Have you looked up reviews online? Can you ask one of the students that you've been emailing with about this concern? Not that there is anything wrong with the SCPS at all, but it would just be an enormous deal-changer if you were under the impression it was an actual master's program when it may only be a certification program or something similar. I know what you're saying about Boston not having as many opportunities as NYC, but the two cities are relatively close. If you decide to go with the latter, I'm sure your professors will also have industry connections in NYC. I almost want to say BU because of its general reputation (at least this is a certain). You can always move to NYC immediately after graduation. But, I would say try to find out all the facts about NYU first, if you can. Good luck!
  5. Alkalifly, Oops! I keep thinking of this Sunday as the 15th because the school that I am talking about requires that students submit a deposit (as an intent to enroll) by Sunday at midnight. So, I personally only have until Sunday through that time. I guess you are right and that I shouldn't feel so guilty. I just hate inconveniencing people. However, since these last crucial days fall on a weekend, maybe admissions staff will be taking some of their work home with them, just in case? Thanks for the advice; it definitely made me feel better.
  6. Maybe I read your reponse the wrong way. I'm just not sure what you meant by it.
  7. What is that supposed to mean, Selecttext? There isn't even a PhD option for my field. A master's is the terminal degree for it. Why would I have limited options, anyway?
  8. Should I let a school know before the April 15th deadline that there is a possibility that I MAY not be able to attend, due mainly to financial reasons, or would this just be stupid and self-destructive? I feel bad letting them know on Monday, but I have not totally decided yet. If April 15 just didn't happen to fall on a Sunday... I'm worried that if I didn't let them know I wasn't going until Monday that they wouldn't be able to secure someone else from the waiting list at this point (since I'm sure people on the list also applied to other schools, which they too would need to respond to by the 15th). I know it might sound weird that I'm so worried about this, but the school has bent over backwards for me throught the admissions process and I feel like I should let them know about the possibility beforehand. What do people think? Is it completely unnecessary that I even broach this topic beforehand? What are other people in similar situtations doing?
  9. Thank you to those who wrote the last three responses! I'm still deciding. My gut is telling me #2, but the practical side of myself keeps nagging me to go with #1. Also, how much is considered a lot to pay for grad school? I honestly don't know. Since I didn't get any funding at #1, I'll be taking out $40 to $45,000 in loans. Is this a large sum in comparison to what most pay for an M.A.? @Asleepawake, love your "Heathers" picture
  10. Jung, Thanks! I hear what you are saying. If only I could insert School #1 into the city of #2 (and attain some funding as well). I think the earning rate may be considerably higher if I were to attend #1. People at this school have tried to tell me that the name has opened many doors for them (and others), but, of course, they are biased sources. Prestige isn't that personally important to me and if I hadn't even gotten accepted to #1, I would be totally fine with just going to #2. My real issue is severe indecision. As soon as another factor is thrown into the mix, I obsess about making the absolute right choice so I don't wonder down the road "what could have been." I am going to look at some hiring sites for my field (writing/publishing) to see what credentials the firms actually require. I will be sure to look at salaries as well, to determine whether the investment at #1 would be worth it in the first place. Thanks!
  11. Oops! I used the word "considerable" twice in close proximity. Anyway, I'm sure you got the drift of it.
  12. Hi. That was just a tad confusing, but, then again, my posts are very confusing Maybe I would try to contact School C first to try to find out how much they will definitely offer you, in order to get all the facts before you attempt to contact A. I'm not sure which would be the less expensive choice after all the funding reductions. Also, which school would you rather attend? I have heard of other people kind of using the other school's funding offers as a way to potentially gain more money from the competing school. I myself am super paranoid of revealing even the fact that I am considering other schools (I have bad luck and am afraid of this maneuver backfiring). I'm not saying you shouldn't try this move, but I would personally find out how much C is going to offer you to see if it is even necessary to broach this topic with A. It seems like maybe you would rather attend A? Anyway, if you do end up emailing A, I would say something like, "I am highly interested in attending such a reputable program as ___, but have recently received a considerable funding package from another school. I am writing to inquire if there are any similar funding possibilities at this institution, since this is my top choice and financial issues are a considerable concern for me." Something like that?? I hope this helps. I'm not the most suave person. Good luck!
  13. Yeah, I've considered these issues. #1 would definitely give me the basis for a much higher earning potential. I know that I would be skilled in this latter field, but I don't know if I would 100% enjoy it. I really can't elaborate without providing too much info on the programs (I'm paranoid because it's a very unique degree name and only 5-6 schools in the country even have this program). #1 would allow me to achieve my career goals, while #2 would allow me to explore a talent (writing). I guess I need to figure out what it is I would really like to do after graduation. I just feel so pressured because I'm not that young anymore and feel I don't have a lot of time to make the wrong decision. Thanks for your help!
  14. Iowaguy, Thanks! I suspected this may be true. You think I should go for the prestige even though I will pay for this only through loans? I guess if the degree enabled me to get a decent job, I would have the means to eventually pay it off.
  15. As April 15th looms just days away now, I still can't decide between the two M.A. programs I was accepted to (please ignore my earlier posts, as I resolved a previous dilemma that I wrote about there). School #1 is a very selective, somewhat specialty college in New England. It is known for the field in which I would be receiving a degree. This school would provide me with unparalleled hands-on experience in which to apply in the field I wish to eventually pursue. #1 would also give me amazing connections in this area. The name of the school on this degree could open many doors for me, as well as provide me with practical skills in which to score an actual job, but something's telling me it's just not the right fit. I visited campus, met with faculty and attended a get-together for prospective students at #1, and everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful, but I just don't know if it's the right choice for several reasons: I really don't like the city it's in (I consider it to be a very boring city full of annoying twenty-something sports enthusiasts and severely lacking in single people in their thirties), the majority of students in my program seemed like they were fresh out of undergrad (I'm a little bit older than the traditional college age), the program of study may be a bit overly specific and I may be able to attain similar skills from some sort of certification program that is considerably less expensive. Oh, I forgot to mention that I did not receive any funding from this school. My only "aid" is about $45,000 in loans (I know that's nowhere near what some people pay, but it's a consideration). One more thing: This city itself is also insanely expensive to live in. School #2 is a much larger university in the Midwest. I visited a few weeks ago and absolutely LOVED this city. The school is not nearly as respected as #1, but it still has a decent reputation. I met the head of the faculty and felt like I would get along and work well with her, but I didn't get to meet others of the program. I did like the general vibe of the students around campus though. I also like the fact that it is both an incredibly diverse city and university (I'm from New England, so this change is nice). The program is a little more broad than #1, which is good in some ways, but it wouldn't give me nearly as many practical skills as the latter's. However, since it is located in a much larger city, I could always try to attain these skills from internships. Also, if I graduate from here and still feel I have attained the tools I need for this industry, there are certification courses I can take at a school like NYU (I want to end up in NYC anyway) that would enable me to get a job in this field. #2 is also significantly cheaper than #1 (about $13,000 cheaper to begin with). I am on the waiting list for a fellowship here and I can also apply for tuition reimbursement scholarships for the entire two years if I maintain a certain GPA. This city is also considerably cheaper than where #1 is located. Sorry this is so long-winded. My question is: Is it incredibly foolish to pass up the prestige of #1 for the reasons I listed? Some people would kill to get into this school, but I just don't know if it's right for me. I am honored to have even gotten in here, but I just am not thrilled about it. Any thoughts? I feel like #2 would be better for me personally, but should I focus on practical issues here?
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