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  1. People do transfer Ph.D. programs sometimes. It isn't common, but it happens -- I know a girl who successfully went through that process in Chemistry. I think the key is that you have solid reasons for the transfer. I wouldn't emphasize the subpar nature of your current program in your applications though, but things like the lack of funding to do the work you want to do and the fact that your current advisor supports the transfer. I'm not familiar with how this process works though -- would you have to withdraw from your current program to apply to new ones, or could you continue working and doing research where you are until you obtain a new position? You don't want to cut yourself off from research you're currently involved in when it'll help you be successful later.
  2. I love Boston My sister lives there so I get to visit pretty regularly. Did you meet any other Quant people there last year? One of my advisors has offed to put me in contact with some quant people she knows who are going this year. I'm super excited about that. I had no idea what quant was until early 2017. I'd always been drawn to data analysis, statistics, and measurement and all of my independent projects have centered around those themes but I had no idea you could actually get a Ph.D. in quant until I started working with a new faculty member. And then things just took off
  3. UIUC rejected me too. I actually haven't heard that they offered anyone anything, which surprised me a bit because I know a few other qualified people who applied. I'm curious about how many slots they had available this year and whether it's one of those programs that likes to take students from their existing masters students. Not that it really matters at this point.
  4. Congrats! What program was it with? Do you mind PMing me your POI? I'm not surprised that most of their applicants aren't represented on this site. I think their website said they had 20 applications in the 2015-2016 season, and my guess is that that has increased.
  5. I agree with this -- I'm much much less anxious now. I haven't officially heard back from anywhere but as far as I can tell none of the eight schools I applied to have sent anything to applicants yet. Well, one of them has sent out a couple rounds of rejections, but I haven't received one so far. They're pretty competitive so I wouldn't be surprised -- I'm just glad to have made it this far. That says my application isn't total crap... lol It would be fun to examine the differences in interview times/acceptances/rejections for programs in education departments vs those housed in psych departments. Maybe once I finish my thesis I'll give myself permission to look into that Do you guys have first choice programs? I see people talking about that a lot in other topics but I've found I don't have one. I only applied to programs I'd love to attend/to people whose work I was interested in, and after that I decided to rely on my interactions with POIs/departments in general to decide. Assuming I get into more than one place (Also: Congrats on the interview MutedSeraph!! )
  6. I don't know how this works in other departments, but I can tell you that in mine they only offer two interview slots to the terminal masters students. I don't think that's something they say on their website. This year a ton of masters students applied to the Ph.D. program and it was basically a bloodbath. Anyways, I wouldn't necessarily see the presence of a terminal masters program as negative. I don't think we ever really know why we don't get in. But here's a story I want to share from a PI I've worked with. There was a clinical program he loved and he applied the first time and didn't get in. Next round of applications he applied and didn't get in -- but he got into an experimental Ph.D. program and went there. He completed that Ph.D. After that he still had an interest in clinical work and applied again to that original clinical program -- and didn't get in. Even with a Ph.D. and years of research experience and multiple publications. But he applied again the next year and finally got in. He went and now he has two Ph.D.s. I think the point is that persistence is the name of the game here. The application process is crazy and a lot of it doesn't make sense. You could be amazingly qualified and still not get in. It isn't necessarily something negative about you. There are things we can all do to improve but that is always going to be true. So.... if I don't get in this time around I'll probably cry for a couple of weeks straight and then force myself to get back to work. Then I'll apply again next year with more experience... and show them that there's nothing they can do to make me give up on this.
  7. Insofar as ASU goes, I know that the Psych department started reviewing at least some applications immediately. I called a couple of days before our application was due to ask a question and was told that everyone was in reviewing applications and I should send an email. So they have at least looked at some apps, though I can't speak specifically to quant applications. I guess I don't take activity here as necessarily meaning something -- I didn't even know about this place up until yesterday. I don't think there's any reason for people to give up on those apps yet, however. It makes more sense to me that nobody has heard anything from Fordham. Their app was only due a couple of weeks ago and that probably coincided with the start of the semester. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they haven't reviewed apps yet, or that they were just beginning that process. I'll see what I can figure out.
  8. Hi all! I know I'm arriving late to this party but I had no idea this forum was here. Now that I found it I think I'll probably check it impulsively (not that I think that's a good idea or something =P). I'm kinda feeling the 'starting to panic' thing, though it comes and goes for me -- I've only heard back from one school as well and I have no idea if I'll get in. I would LOVE to go there if I did... I wish more schools posted application data -- for example, I love how UVA posts their number of applicants, offers and acceptances each year. A lot of programs don't even post whether they have official interviews for quant programs. Has anyone heard back from University of Missouri, Arizona State University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Virginia, Fordham University or University of Oklahoma yet? ASU says on their website that they try to review applications within four weeks and their application deadline was 12/5 so I'm doubting that one. The others I applied to don't offer a timeline. I'm thinking of calling and asking sometime this week, just to get full information. I guess that's one way I'm trying to cope with this stress: it's better to know than to worry. I hate not knowing! I don't know, I meet with my thesis chair tomorrow so I suppose I'll ask her about all this. She's been very confident about me throughout this entire process but it's a feeling I have a lot of trouble sharing.
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