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  1. Just got a rejection letter from UVA this morning. Disappointed, honestly.
  2. I received rejection letters from UIUC and UWM. Not gonna lose my confidence!
  3. I prepped about 10 questions to ask, a half of them were generic ones and the other half of them were more specific ones. Oh, and in one of my interviews the faculties were the ones asking most of the questions, and I had time for about a couple of questions to ask. I guess it varies from school to school.
  4. I did an interview with UVA. I think it went quite well for me. They said that they have a lot of people to review, so it seems that some large portion of the quant applicants are not being represented on this site. Good to hear Congrats!
  5. Awesome. Congratulations! It seems that in this year the major interview sessions are starting this week, and from the past data I’m expecting most of them would happen in 3 weeks. I’m much less anxious now as I have a grasp on until when to expect them.
  6. @Left Skew Thanks! The tricky thing for me was that personally I’d rather *not* take a dictionary-based approach, but a robust algorithm for getting the unique set of campus names would probably be too much of an overkill.. I could take the string distances between all possible pairs of the campus names, and apply some threshold to keep the ones with meaningful distances. But then this would not work unless the abbreviations are expanded into their full names. “UCLA” and “UNC” are not that different to an algorithm.. And since they are campus names they are not likely to be changed a lot,
  7. I ended up writing R code for scraping the entries on the Results page to get a grasp on how things were in the past. I know there is one available from the other thread by @Left Skew, but thought I'd do it by myself for a practice. The queries were as follows: after searching with "psychology", entries with their major names including "quant" or "meth" were selected. Also, entries with "other" statuses were excluded. A total of 177 entries matched the criteria. A weekly histogram of the collected dataset is attached, as well as their producing codes for future reference. histog
  8. Hello, Glad I found this thread! I thought I would be okay with the waiting period, but oh I was so wrong about it. I got and did a Skype interview last December from Wisconsin, which I found from this site that they already rolled out two offers. I didn't hear anything yet, and I wasn't really great in the interview. Well, good luck everyone!
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