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  1. To the UC Davis poster who got accepted to the psychology program, can you PM me. It’d be great to talk to you about it as I’ll be joining the quant psych in the fall.
  2. Hi. To the UC Davis poster who was admitted to the program, I am also joining the program most likely. Would love to talk to you about it!
  3. I got an email today to check my status and it was to confirm my rejection. This sucks man! Hmm. I think they’ll get back to you around March/April when they have acceptances from the selected people and see if they can accommodate more. I also checked another Psychology thread with the person in the same boat as you. Someone suugested that it’s okay to contact the POI/Department about how many people are waitlisted and when to expect the results and stuff. Maybe you can try that and see what they reply. All the best!
  4. So I just asked my POI why I didn’t get any interview invites and he said my GRE scores were a lacking factor. Apart from that no other info. This was like 2 weeks ago. So, when you went for the interview week, how many applicants were there with you and who was your primary supervisor?
  5. Hi! I applied to notre dame and the prof told me I didn’t make it to the interview stage. So, you went for the interview and then they waitlisted you?
  6. I contacted them around 2 weeks before if they’d already sent out the interview requests. Got an email that yes, they had. Then asked my POI what was wrong with my application and was dissapointed to learn that they didn’t have funding for international students this year and my POI was not taking students this year. Could’ve helped to know this info before applying!
  7. Anybody received any(more) interview requests? Who's the person who got the UC Davis invite?
  8. Me too. I've been literally on the lookout for other applicants but didn't any other thread except the one started by Prof. Amanda from UCLA. Now that the applications are done, it feels like a weight is off the chest and the season of anxiety has started. I think some of the colleges may also send out interview requests in the next few weeks which is like keeping me on edge.
  9. I just made a thread for Quantitative Psychology applicants. Feel free to post there about your application stats.
  10. Hey guys! Thought I'd make a thread for the Quant program applicants for Fall 2019. Feel free to post the number of applications you filled and how's the wait going. I'm an international applicant and I've filled 6 applications (5 US, 1 Canada) and I've been visiting gradcafe just to read how others are holding up. My anxiety is bad due to the wait.
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