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  1. I applied to psychology programs, not SLP, but, in my case, I got rejected by one of the programs I applied to. In early April, a POI texted me and asked if I was still interested in their program. I was not even in their waitlist but got accepted in the second round of evaluation.
  2. https://stats.stackexchange.com/ https://www.researchgate.net/
  3. Okay. Even though you haven't been assigned an advisor yet, that doesn't mean you can't get in touch with them. I also suggest for you to contact the Department Chair or the Program Director/Director of Clinical Training. Contact as many people as you can and hope someone can help you out.
  4. Also, since I've lived in New York for 4 years (but I'm not going to do my PhD in New York), I know where to find cheap apartments in New York (under $1000 for rent). Let me know if you need any assistance with finding an apartment.
  5. I suggest for you to contact your POI immediately concerning your financial assistance. Have you done that already?
  6. If they never brought up financial assistance with you, I'm afraid that you have to fund yourself. Since you are an international student, you would need to contact their international student office and inquire about what the amount of money you need to prepare on your own to get your I-20.
  7. I highly recommend you do an independent study and write a paper about your study. You don't need to have publications but you need to show your POIs that you have the potential in I/O. Before I applied this year, I did an independent study without much supervision (because I already graduated!). However, I asked a lot questions online and got some great answers from experts all over the world, which really helped my research move forward. After a painstaking process of hard work for four months, I finished a paper based on my independent study and submitted it as a writing sample in my app p
  8. I am an international applicant from China (got a masters in mental health counseling in the US). I applied to 13 clinical psych programs last year and got 13 rejections. I applied to 9 educational psychology programs (with a concentration in measurement and statistics) and 1 quantitative psychology programs and got 7 offers. How do you make of my experience? I think sometimes your choices are more important than your working hard. That said, I don't think switching from clinical psych to quant psych programs is the only reason why I am much more successful than last year. You s
  9. I would suggest for you to ask current students who are in your POI's lab. You can ask them did they contact the POI before application and how they did it. Does contacting POIs boost up your chances of getting admitted? It depends on how strong you are as a PhD student. If you have nothing to impress your POIs, a simple e-mail won't make a difference on you application, especially in Clinical Psych. If you have a lot of research experience and a great writing sample (don't need to be a publication) to prove that you have really strong research abilities, do contact them!
  10. I'd say it really depends on different programs. I contacted a POI a week before the deadline and he replied me saying he's very interested in my application (and I got in!). I also contacted another POI well before the deadline (twice!), she never responded (so I decided not to apply for her program). I think it has a lot to do with the competitiveness of the program. If the program is very competitive (like the second program in my case) and your POI receives many applicants every year, you'd better to contact your POI early.
  11. Guys. This application season is almost at the end for me. I applied to 11 programs, got 6 acceptances and 3 rejections so far. I withdrew one of my applications because they wanted to accept me into their masters program. I'm still waiting for the last program. It's been a very successful app season for me. It was not last year. I applied to 13 clinical psych programs and got 13 rejections. I took GRE five times (including a psych GRE) and TOEFL four times. I just don't give up. I keep working on myself. I just wanted to say that if you didn't get into your dream program this
  12. I have been accepted into TAMU's Educational Psychology. It's strange that they don't notify you via email. I found out this 3 days after I was admitted.
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