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  1. Hello everyone, In the last week before the decision deadline, I am debating between a PhD offer and a funded masters offer. The PhD is fairly low tier/low ranked school for my discipline, and my adviser is just in the beginning of their career. My academic goal and my current interests are of course to do research at the doctoral level, so many people are confused why I am having any dilemma over the two. My problem is that the PhD program, for my specific department, has had questionable placement history. It's not so much that it's "bad" placements-- people were able to find jobs. They
  2. @brainlass Thank you so much for laying everything out so clearly! I really appreciate the advice. Your application sounds incredibly strong. I wasn't able to do any conferences or publications in my time as undergrad (although, there's still 2 months left and I may be able to do a poster in this remaining period). Thank you so much for that incredibly valuable piece about how admissions tends to reject undergrad applicants. I had the feeling that the trend tends to be that applicants with research experience outside of undergrad are more favorable, with the exception of those with outstandi
  3. Hello all, I'm also in a position of potentially doing either a gap year or a funded masters after an unsuccessful application season right out of undergrad. While my situation isn't directly what the OP asked about, reading everyone's responses has been helpful. Thanks for starting this thread! May I ask @01sonal why you feel that the OP shouldn't do a masters unless they absolutely have to? I hear a lot that people suggest a gap year over a masters, but I never really hear too much about why.
  4. Yeah I think the re-getting vaccines was what @TakeruK and I were thinking. It depends on the vaccine, but in most instances getting another one is safe and just acts as a booster. (again we're not professionals so asking your physician or the school would be the best bet).
  5. Something else I would add is that usually when people don't have documentations of their vaccinations, either your current physician or the physicians at your program would be able to run a panel that tests for antibodies in your system associated with the relevant vaccinations/illnesses. This antibody panel would act as documentation of what vaccinations you have received, and show what vaccinations you lack. Your situation is actually more common than some may think, so yeah definitely 1. talk to your current physician about your situation, if you have one. And if not you could consider goi
  6. @mm2995 Thank you so much for the honest input! I don't think you sound negative at all, I greatly appreciate the realism. I sent you a PM with further questions/comments!
  7. Hey @tj1864! Thank you for the info, I really, really appreciate it! The range of courses sound really balanced! And that's so cool that the people you know were able to get positions at such great schools. Yeah it seems like there's no publicly available information regarding placement, but I keep hearing about the good track record that you spoke of. I'm really curious as to where this comes from haha. I'm not doubtful though, I trust that people have gone off to great PhD programs from there. Thanks for telling me about the campus culture! yeah I imagine that the psych department/MA p
  8. Emails seem the most common, for all status updates (interview/acceptance/rejection). Phone calls are for interviews or acceptance. I think I've seen on here that some applicants received rejections through the mail, but it seems to be uncommon. This may vary from program to program, however. Most schools actually indicate on their website where you will receive correspondence regarding your application status. And yes, the application portal is always a good place to check on top of your email. This is info I've gathered from being an applicant this season, and from the posts I've seen in o
  9. Hey @Psygeek! Thanks for replying! Wow, your experience sounds so cool! I'm glad you've been able to do all of these interesting things and work on some papers that are up for publication!! The cross-cultural project sounds super awesome, I concur that that's a big achievement. I don't think anything you've done is a waste of time at all, both in a professional sense and in the sense of your self development/understanding. It seems like you've done a lot of work and gone through a lot of growth. It's really good to hear that your experience with an MA has been so positive and made you (and
  10. Hello @b_l91! Thank you so much for the detailed response! I keep getting blown away by how organized and helpful people are on GC. Yes, I keep hearing about how taking time off through work, research opportunities, or other cool stuff has really helped people. I totally see why people have such positive things to say about it. I don't think I've met anyone that's regretted taking time off-- most of the time it's people that went straight from undergrad to grad school that wish they did things differently. Yeah, I was thinking about applying to a formal post-bacc program that emphasiz
  11. @oddity Thank you for the information!! I really appreciate it. It's definitely a bummer but there's always next year, or at least that's what I'm telling myself haha.
  12. Hey all, Has anyone heard anything (interview/rejection/acceptance) from the developmental PhD program at University of Washington? I haven't been contacted by this program in any capacity since I sent in my application. I didn't get an interview invite though so I assume I'm rejected, but I wanted to know if anyone else that applied has heard anything. I've been checking the results survey page regularly and nothing for developmental comes up under UW for this cycle. It would just be nice to get an idea of what's happening so I know how to move forward with my decisions/plans. I almost
  13. Hello all, I wanted to make individual replies but I didn't expect so many people to give such helpful responses! Thank you all for your valuable input and sharing your experiences. I understand the application/admission process a little better now and see how the factors you all mentioned come into play. @E-P Thanks again for your help! I will definitely reach out and ask about the weaknesses of my application. I'm glad I have the opportunity of doing the MA as a means of improving myself as a researcher and applicant. @+ve regard I'll definitely try to be more proactive about getting
  14. @E-P Thank you! I was surprised this username was open haha. ooo mint chocolate is great. My favorite is birthday cake! And thank you for sharing your experience! It's nice to hear that people have been able to live their life/do other interesting things and still come back to school. I definitely hear you about being more prepared. I was talking to a grad student in my current lab that also took several years off between her undergrad and grad career. She said the same thing about feeling more prepared and experienced. Thanks so much for all your encouraging and reassuring words!!
  15. Hello everyone, If you're reading this I hope you're doing well and trying to take care of yourself. As application updates are rolling in I've noticed a trend of unfortunate situations where posters have been in the PhD application game for a few cycles (2-3) and continue to be unsuccessful in their endeavors. I keep reading about experiences where they've gotten 0 offers time and time again, and it's definitely scaring me. I was wondering if this has anything to do with the specific field they're in, or the research they want to do? For example, I can see this happening for clinical ps
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