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  1. Dear MissData, xolxs, MathStat86 and VentureIntoNothingness, Thank you all for your detailed answers to my questions. The advice was really helpful and I think things to do have become clearer. I hope to be a scholar who can help others like you someday. Thank you again.
  2. First of all, I would like to thank you for giving this opportunity to ask questions. I would like to apply to Ph.D program in Quantitative Psychology, but to be honest, I have not specified my research concern yet. Since I have been interested in developing statistical methodologies in Psychology, I want to learn more about Quantitative Psychology in graduate school, but I'm wondering if the non-specific personal research concern will be critically negative to evaluation. Also, my gre score is Verbal 150 Quant 170 Writing 3.5. I am worried about my low verbal score, since I've heard tha
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