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  1. The last thing you want to do is to keep it general, as professors get tons of emails every day, and many of them are from prospective students. But I would keep the email more concise and straight to the point. Professors usually don't have the time to read and respond to a long email. but do make sure she knows that you have read her papers, cited them in your thesis, are interested in her research, and want to work with her. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, first congrats on getting all the interviews. Well, for me personally, I don't think it's a bad idea not attending an interview at a university where you know for sure you will not go. And it really depends on whether you have an offer on your hand or not. In my case, after I secured an offer that I know I will accept at the end, I basically just treat other interviews as free travels. On the other hand, it also depends on your schedule as well. Interviews sometimes can be very disruptive to your current work. So if I am sitting on an offer and very busy with my current work, I will
  3. That is good! No need to feel guilty, multiple acceptances means that you are hot on the market. And I have decided to go to Penn State for a social psych program. So not in the running for QM programs now. Wish everyone best of luck!
  4. I would assume Penn State's invites have been all sent out since the interview weekend is just one week away.
  5. School: Penn State Program: Social Psych PhD Type of interview: Visiting Weekend Time: evening of 2/1- morning of 2/3 Anyone else is going? DM me if you would like to discuss how to prepare for this.
  6. Had an informal interview with my POI at Penn State. Really nice person, I would totally accept the offer if I am lucky. He told me interview invitation will be sent out by next week. Good Luck everyone.
  7. Thrilled to find this thread! The waiting period is killing me. I can't even focus on having a good time during the holidays. Is anyone applying to U of Virginia's quant psych program?
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