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  1. What's stopping me from getting a publication is that I'm not working in a lab right now. Since I found out I wouldn't be attending grad school this fall I've been searching for research positions, but I haven't had much luck with paid positions and unfortunately I simply can't afford to take an unpaid position. I just got a call back about a paid research position, but I have to wait another week or two before I find out if I'll even get a real interview. windypoplars, my GRE scores were just about average. If I end up applying for PhD programs again I'll probably have to retake them.
  2. I applied to 5 programs this past application cycle, 3 of which were PhD's in clinical psychology. I thought I was a pretty decent applicant (4.0 from my undergrad, with a little bit of both research and clinical internship experience) and I applied to really high ranked programs, but that was before I discovered this site and realized just how incredibly competitive clinical psychology PhD programs are. I got rejected from the 3 PhD programs (didn't even get interviews), but I got accepted to both a PsyD and an MSW program... but both were ridiculously expensive and offered almost no help with tuition, so I had to turn them both down. Now I'm trying to decide if this time around I should just focus on Masters programs (that are more affordable), or if I have any chance of possibly getting into a PhD program that isn't as insanely competitive as the ones I shot for last year. So... here's the big question... ...is it pretty much pointless to apply to PhD programs in clinical psychology if you haven't been published?
  3. Ashleeee, I called to ask some questions today and they said they can't put together your financial aid package until you finish the enrollment and housing form. If you've turned that in already I would go ahead and give them a call to ask about it.
  4. Thanks so much for the info, Aya! That definitely gives me some hope Mscore, they want me to put down a payment by 4/19. But, I felt the same way two Friday's ago when a bunch of people got an email and I hadn't yet... I wouldn't assume you're on the wait list yet. You could still get in!
  5. Thanks Aya! And, wow, congrats! A couple hours after I got my acceptance email I got an email telling me I was selected for "the MSW scholarship", and that they may potentially offer me others. Did you get your leadership and endowed scholarship emails immediately after your acceptance email? Also, do you mind me asking if either of them were enough to make any kind of significant dent in the tuition? I am incredibly grateful for what they've offered me, but I'm definitely still struggling with figuring out how in the world I'll possibly be able to pay for this.
  6. YAY! I got accepted to USC today!!! I still have to figure out the finances to make sure I can go, but I definitely feel much better just knowing I got in
  7. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one left! I applied before the priority deadline too (though it was only the day before... perhaps that's why I'm one of the last to hear?) Mscore, you applied for the on-campus program as well, not the on-line one? I don't know if anyone has gotten rejections yet (which is making me very nervous), but I know just last week several people got accepted. And it was on a Friday, so I'm REALLY hoping to get some news today.
  8. is there anyone else on here that's still waiting to hear?
  9. I've been wondering the same thing. I haven't called yet because I don't think it's really possible. Unless maybe you have a really valid reason for needing to know ASAP, like needing to give an answer to another school or something.
  10. Congratulations you guys! No word for me yet Eft, did you get yours early in the day like Aya?
  11. I think starting to feel negatively about a program that is making you wait is mostly a defense mechanism to make a rejection somewhat less painful. At this point I'm mostly mad because I am pretty positive they are going to be rejections, since I didn't get an interview and it's not like they're just going to turn around accept me in the next two weeks without an interview. BUT... if I were to somehow magically against all odds get accepted... I would definitely be way too thrilled to hold a grudge.
  12. I understand what you mean, and I would probably feel the same way if I were in your position... HOWEVER, not to sound too much like dear old mom, but if the people in your cohort judge you based on that, you want nothing to do with them anyway.
  13. Thank you for your optimism, frwang. I sincerely doubt I still have a shot, but I really do appreciate it.
  14. In my humble opinion, giving no response whatsoever is just rude. Once a decision has been made, how much energy and effort does it really take to copy and paste a rejection notification to a list of emails? You do have a point, that if a school shows such little respect for its applicants, how much do I really want to spend the next several years of my life dealing with them as a student?
  15. I was starting to feel like I was the only one STILL waiting. I know a bunch of people have been accepted, but has anyone been officially rejected yet? According to the results search they've accepted people as late as June, so I haven't given up hope or anything yet, but I can't imagine waiting that long! The June one has got to be off the waiting list, but still!
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