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  1. Yup, focus is on there! I've also included: If the program is at an R1 school or not, length of program, length of time out of MSW required, and dissertation or capstone. I'm not sure if I'll ever fill this all in, but is interesting.
  2. First of all! Congrats to all the acceptances!!! I was avoiding homework again, so I started a spreadsheet of the different DSW programs. There are 24 in total, 15 being a member of GADE. I was collecting things like cohort size and cost, but haven't gotten very far haha. Here's a list of names for those of you who are interested. If any of you who are going to a DSW program would like to confirm any of these stats: Cost of program, cohort size, and detailed class delivery method -- I'd like to add it to the spread sheet. thinking of updating it and posting it here once a y
  3. Congrats!!!!! I've heard good things about Tulane.
  4. My guess is that we'll stick with a model like nursing. I don't think we will do licensure at the doctoral level. I'd like to see it honestly for selfish reasons, but there is a lot of movement against it at the national level.
  5. My last two schools were on D2L and canvas. I like Canvas best. Really easy to work with. We use zoom for the synchronous classes, which can link directly from Canvas. Every professor does it differently though. I didn't realize that other programs use pre-recorded lectures from non-professors.
  6. Every program everywhere has been talking about this! I work at an academic medical center, and ALL the programs had record numbers of applicants. I feel like Penn (because of their status) probably already has a ton of applications.
  7. I love the program. I chose it for its EBP focus and it hasn’t disappointed. Going in, I was worried that it wouldn’t be rigorous because of the online format, but the synchronous classes provide a great experience . We have really rich classroom discussions, breakout groups, group projects, etc. I feel like I earn every grade. It’s hard and amazing. I was also nervous because I work with a bunch of PhDs and MDs and I was worried that others might think that my program was “lesser.” Even if they thought so, they’d be too nice to tell me ha! But I’ll discuss cases and/or class to
  8. Ngl, when I get to feeling exhausted or “why the heck am I doing this?!” sometimes I go look at the different robe packages. The tams are so fancy
  9. My friend applied SUPER EARLY and she heard back today! She’s in! Here’s hoping you get news soon!
  10. I thought they did this year due to COVID19. If if makes you feel any better, it's not heavily weighted in the application. *Double checked, it was waived for Fall 2021. They may also waive it for next year if there is any hint that people might have difficulty getting a seat for the test. Just FYI for those who might apply next year. Hopefully you don't have to re-apply to anything though!!! It sounds like your interview went okay?
  11. Well I'm not exactly sure what the schedule looks like without COVID19. So we didn't have a spring break, but we had nearly two months off for Winter break. We're going to have about 2 weeks off before summer. But our summer semester is only 6-8 weeks? so we will have 6 weeks off before fall semester starts. It's not like having the whole summer break (which I desperately need) but better than nothing. We're in the last 3 weeks of this semester, can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. This summer we start CBT I and Interpersonal clinical classes -- ending with our intensive w
  12. I have a friend who also applied to Bama who didn't get in either. Apparently, like many of the programs they got a ton of applicants. I think I heard our admin say we got over double the number of applicants for the 20 slots. Last year we got 90 applications for the 20 slots. My friend got accepted to University of Kentucky, and they have an 80 person cohort! I haven't heard much about their program from anyone other than their online presence. they seem to be a 100% asynch program. I think if I remember correctly Alabama was asynch as well. For some reason, I thought Alabam
  13. My program is online, but requires synchronous attendance. I have to zoom for each class. I like it, because I am a terrible procrastinator, and having actual class times and real-time sessions is a big motivator for me. We have a cohort of 20, and I've gotten to know them through group projects and class time etc. Some classes have even been split into 10, so it does seem intimate. I feel like I'm getting an experience that's pretty close to in person.
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