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  1. I think the general advice is not to get into more debt than you expect to make in a year. For example (and to answer UM Detroiter's question) I am looking at medical and health social work -- that starts at about $50,000 a year. I wanted to make sure I did not take on more debt than that. I've heard several professions use that rule of thumb.
  2. I would add that experiment design is an extremely creative process. I like to problem solve, and for me the most engaging part of the process is the research design. I find it fun to try to foil myself. Or think up alternative explanations and set up design elements so it eliminates complicating variables (or tries). Also, I think that therapy can be creative, because it's not just about following set rules, you have to problem solve (a creative process in my opinion) with so many variables. You focus on a certain theory, but then you have to take into account environment, personality
  3. The way our practicum works is that we have an interview with the practicum director at our program. We talk about what we like, what area we want to go into, our past experiences etc. Then she reviews what openings are available to the year you are in and within 2 weeks they email us 2 choices. We interview at those two choices and both parties have to agree to the fit. Classes start Monday. Here we go
  4. I'm going through practicum interviews. I thought I was done with the 5 bajillion page application and essays. I thought I was done with them after all the scholarship apps this summer. Nope, not done. I go to an interview on Friday for a special stipend (wish me luck) and then another on Monday for the practicum planning session. At least now I know I'm not done done, and I'll have to do this next year too haha.
  5. No it's not difficult, I just wanted to know if someone had a more creative solution than the binary yes/no (award/no award) I don't feel like the Summa award would actually make a difference, to be extremely honest, I feel like I kept telling someone they had screwed up it -- that I wasn't actually qualified for the award, but the university awarded it to me, so I put it on all my applications -- the misery of feeling like I mis-represented myself. Again, I have paperwork to show I didn't purposefully misrepresent myself, and that it wasn't my final semester grades that caused the change.
  6. Every university does it differently, but yeah, I've seen a number of stories online where it is pretty common to not use transfer credit to calc GPA. I think I need one off the 5 classes to graduate (i'll have to double check) -- Comm 1. I'll take the lower GPA rather than have to have my bachelor's rescinded hahaha. I guess I just really feel cheated. Swindled and pimped, tricked by a business... (ha!) When I spoke with a person from my grad program, they were genuinely puzzled and said that had never happened before. She asked why it took so long after semester close for them
  7. I am so late to the game, but I came down here just to see if you were able to take the class! YAY Eager!!!!!!! I have application anxiety because I never win. My friends and family tell me the same thing -- if there is an interview they will want you/take you. Hooray for getting your foot in the door!!!! Goobs
  8. Someone should have told me about the ton more applications I'd have to make AFTER I was accepted!!!

    1. nugget


      I agree 100%.

  9. Okay everyone, I am coming with this issue because I am for real not sure 1. How I should feel about this, and 2. What I should do about it... I am a non-trad student with transfer hours from 5 different undergrad institution. When I transferred to my final location, they evaluated all my schools and decided to take classes from one university, but not count them for GPA. This was my earliest foray into college (1992-1993). I asked an advisor about it at the time, and he said the registrar's office makes the final determination. I'm going to give full disclosure here, just so you guys
  10. I'm almost 40. I quit 2 years ago to finish undergrad I don't have oodles of social work experience, though I have pertinent job experience. I do have some research experience though. I felt like I fit in with everyone, I may be completely clueless though... Hehehe
  11. So this thread died a little, and I found it a page or so back. How are ya'll doin? I'm done with all my high intensity projects, and its fun, smooth sailing from here on out. Putting together my grad announcements, decorating my cap, putting off my homework. How are you guys doing that are still waiting? I have to wait until Aprill 22 to finish up financial aid apps -- schools direction. I miss eager
  12. Done Waiting! Accepted to MSW and will be attending this fall.

    1. callista


      Awesome! I work with many MSWs, including my boss. Great field. :)

  13. Yeah, I wouldn't take this as an omen! It is obviously nerves. I hope you hear soon!
  14. Oh yay!!!!!!!!!!!! And such a quick decision! They saw you and were like, "We like this person! Let's get her the decision now!"
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