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  1. When you got your acceptance email, there should have been a link in it. The email's subject line says: "USC School of Social Work Admission Documents" and in that acceptance email, it will say: "Congratulations! You have been admitted to the USC School of Social Work. Please follow the Review Documents link to view your admission letter and complete your admission forms. Further documents will arrive within the next week via postal mail." So, just click on the "REVIEW DOCUMENTS" link, and it will take you to this DocuSign site. And from there, you'll get to accept the offer and pay the $280 deposit. Good luck!!
  2. Mscore, I know a lot of people are rejecting the offer at USC for financial reasons, so don't give up!! You'll most likely get in!! Best of luck to you. =) Did you apply to any other schools?
  3. Hmm... I turned my enrollment and housing form online already... Haven't heard anything yet about the financial aid package. I should call tomorrow. Also, I heard that we have to take the same amount of units that we put down on the enrollment and housing form in order to get our scholarships and to be eligible for any financial aid package. Does it have to be exactly what we put down? Or it can be a little off as long as It's full-time? (What we had to put down on the enrollment and housing form was very specific).
  4. Submitted my field placement forms today!
  5. I got into USC for MSW 13' !! =)

  6. I got into USC for MSW 13' !! =)

  7. Mscore, they want me to put down a payment by 4/12. I think It's different for everyone depending on the day u got accepted. They give u 2 weeks from the day u get the acceptance email. And within that 2-week period, u have to accept/confirm their offer, pay the $280 deposit, confirm the offer again on the Graduate Statement of Intent form online, set up the USC email account, and send the Field Placement forms (via mail). The placement forms are kinda long. U also need to write another personal statement that's different from your original one but some of the contents are very similar.
  8. I got the MSW scholarship like a couple hours after the acceptance email. But I had to wait like 5 days for the leadership one. Both combined will cover close to half of the first year tuition. The second year, I'll need to apply again. Hope u get the leadership one too!
  9. Congrats Jbean, Bradley610, and CaliGirl-MSW!!! Finally!!! And Mscore, hope u hear back soon! I'm beginning to think that this process took so long for some of us because they were also reevaluating our scholarships applications/essays. I got both Dean's Leadership and Social Work Endowed Scholarships. I got a separate letter for each after the acceptance email.
  10. Kmed, lol. Noooo!!! My bird was old!! And thanks!! Finally I heard from them!!! And boooooo you're going to UCLA!!!!
  11. Also, does everyone get the USC school of social work endowed scholarship? Just wondering. I actually received a portion of it today after I got the acceptance email. And does anyone know the maximum amount you can get through that scholarship? I didn't get any info about the dean's leadership scholarship so should I just assume that I didn't qualify for that? Or are they sending that out later?
  12. Congrats, eft4790 and purplescarves!!! and best wishes for the rest of u guys!! I know how stressful and exhausting it was for me to wait this long. I hope you guys hear back asap!! thank you guys all for the encouragement throughout the waiting process!!
  13. I just got an email from USC office of admission (after finding out that my bird died)... I got in!!!! Weird emotion right now because today is also my twin sister's 6th year memorial...
  14. HarmonyMisc, they haven't contacted me yet at all. But I've noticed that they send out acceptance emails on Fridays. That seems to be the trend. So hopefully,we'll hear back by today. And about the second review, I really don't know because the lady I spoke to said that "everyone" goes through the second faculty review, but I guess at different times. So maybe they're just lagging on ours? Either way, good luck to you and the rest of us. I better hear something by the end of today!! If I don't, I might need to start thinking of a back up plan because that was the only school I applied to.
  15. I seriously hope that they're just lagging... I really don't wanna wait another year. Bradley, congrats on your first Master's. What program is it?
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