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  1. I'm not sure but I go to UWO and was having trouble accessing one of our online teaching sites today that everyone uses- it was a problem that IT was looking at. Not sure if it's related but I would try again or call them! January 7th should be the end of January 7th.
  2. Woops scratch that, just got word of another rejection- they had to postpone the grad position one year so it's more that the project couldn't go on and I could apply again next year...meh.
  3. I haven't hears anything official back yet!! I got rejected from one school, but didn't actually send in an app to the school, just the POI. I have one unofficial acceptance but getting worried because that was two weeks ago and I still don't have the official yet. I too, officially hate the weekend! I just want to know already... /venting
  4. Yes...unfortunately I just discovered the results page recently. Yet another thing to obsessively stalk for results!
  5. Depends what you're going for- some of my departments didn't even have deadlines until mid february (one not til march 1st!) so its perfectly normal to hear back sometime in the middle to end of march. In the meantime, the wait it driving me crazy!
  6. I have already drafted an SOP for a few other schools, but none of the prompts specifically requested weaknesses/ an explanation for a gap year. I am applying for programs outside of my undergraduate major, which I know is a weakness but tried to emphasize the strength of that in my SOP- is it fine to leave it like that or do I need to actually mention a weakness? Also- I graduated in May and had a temporary related job until mid-September, but now am just working retail. I simple reason I didn't apply to grad school is because I thought I'd be able to get a year or two of work experience
  7. Anyone have ideas for something nice to do for your LORs once it is all done? I was thinking of giving them handmade cards but want to give them something else too for all the time they put into helping me. What did you do for your LORs?
  8. Trying to get as much feedback as possible on my SOP- needs to be 500 words max, applying to environmental/ecology programs. If you could give me some feedback that would be great! PM or comment and I can email or PM it back. I am happy to return the favor!
  9. One of my LOR's has asked me to provide him with a draft letter that I think would be most helpful to me and send it to him to rework. Any tips for this, like samples of good LOR's I could draw from for format, etc? I have NO idea what makes a good LOR, format, or what info to even include. Any tips or links would help! Thanks!
  10. I think it depends on the program- I'm applying for MS positions and still emailing POIs, because a few responses have been "I won't know if I have funding until January so email me again then." It can't hurt- but again most of the things I'm applying for don't have deadlines until February, I'm not sure how it works for neuro!
  11. So I just got off the phone with a potential POI- I think it went well but I'm not sure. So it basically started off with him asking me about potential projects I would like to work on, my interests etc. It only lasted about 10 minutes- we talked a bit about projects his students have worked on, he said he will email me an interesting paper that just came out, and told me to keep thinking of ideas for potential projects. He also asked me if I could visit so we can talk face to face after the holidays- I am in New England while the POI is in Canada so it would require some travel, I hesitated a
  12. Who else here is applying in this field, and what has your experience been like? I'm trying to apply for a Wildlife Conservation M.S., but contacting POIs is becoming very tedious. So far I've only had one phone conversation with a POI and she gave me the go ahead to apply (but application info won't be up until January), 2 who are iffy/not sure if they have funding, and the rest have been no-gos or haven't replied yet. And I've emailed about 13 people. There are a few postings up on the Texas A&M wildlife board that I might go for but I'm having difficulty finding open slots , and I
  13. No idea, but I am applying to similar programs that range from early Feb to March. Still trying to figure this application process out though. Good luck!
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