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  1. Happy Thanksgiving :))))) Behind on Grad Apps :(((((((((((((

  2. I'm sure as you get older, more of the good fish gets taken, and you might ended up with a shitty fish. Ask my mom
  3. professional cyclist! idk if most of these pros start out when they were 12.. comparatively speaking, I should get there when I'm 30.. right?
  4. back in college, somebody had a house whose living room was stacked with empty beer bottles. rows upon rows of them, everywhere you go. It was glorious
  5. It's going to be Dec by week's end? WTFF??

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    2. socioholic
    3. silver_lining


      ridiculous, but at the same time, can't wait to actually not have to work on apps anymore.

    4. child of 2

      child of 2

      a time chamber (from dragonball z) would be the answer to all my problems. time chamber and imortality, that's all..

  6. I did that on my follow up, and got the straight up answer I was looking for. And attaching your CV seems like a no-brainer. It's really hard to get a response if the professor isn't even sure your research interest aligns with the group.
  7. Chinese operators in the next room are teaching American operator how to cuss in Chinese. Ah comradery...

  8. yea I consider myself rather efficient in the speed of my cooking, and I take at least 30 minutes on the stove to cook my meat. Although, I don't usually have leftovers. I should probably start cooking in bulk, like maybe for every 2 days at a time.
  9. crimson tide (please for the love of god beat this team already)
  10. *gasp* insanity. how do you feed a whole family on $100/week? What do you buy and cook that takes so little time?
  11. you're ingesting smoothies for breakfast lunch and dinner?? good god man. I understand the convenience of smoothies. I make one every morning using my cheapass and loud blender, with a banana and some berries and 1.5 scoops of whey protein. It keeps me energized until lunch. But I can't imagine donig that for all 3 meals. $10/day budget for food is $70/week. You should be able to get the food you need with that money, with some to spare for a subway every so often. Frozen veg/fruits are good, and actually healtier than most produce sections. Farmers market is the best though. Meat is more
  12. It's all bullshit if you ask me. The admin probably wants the professors not getting spammed by students, especially if it's inquiries about things they can find online. It's not like professors are told to not respond to emails. It can't hurt you. I saw the same thing on stanford's chem e website, but I emailed anyway, and the prof was direct and honest with me. I don't see how contacting professors can compromise integrity. Networking is part of everyday life. If they're really worried about being objective to all their applicants, they should just eliminate anyone in the application
  13. it's not about where you are and what you're doing now, but about those things 5+ years from now. Grad school is an investment of your time and opportunity costs as a stepping stone to what you really want to do. People are motivated by different things and in various proportions, be it money, fulfillment, legacy, whatever. And while this can change with time, i think grad school is the opportunity (as well as a test) to explore its career potentials and get a true grasp on what you really want.
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