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  1. Has anybody out there transferred grad schools? If so, how did you address the transfer in your new SOP? I'm 1 week into my first year master's program (art history) and have, for the past 2 months, been looking for some confirmation that I haven't made a huge mistake. I didn't know when I accepted admission but have soon found out that the program is incredibly chaotic and disorganized. I have still not been "assigned" an advisor (yes, that's how it works here...) and the director of graduate studies (also teaching the historiography class I'm in this semester) said that she has recently lost a couple people she leaned heavily on and thus has no time for us. I'm not paraphrasing. Overall there's been an extreme lack of communication and despite my many efforts, I've been left with unanswered questions and doubts. While I'm going to give it some time to make my decision, I was thinking about applying for spring admission to the grad program at my alma mater (which i didn't originally apply to the first time around) in case the situation continues to worsen. Just looking to have an option. How important is it that I address my desire to transfer in the SOP... is it something that i can jusr gloss over or do I need to be more detailed?
  2. Notre Dame... Anyone heard from them? They're the only school I'm waiting on but I don't want to accept another offer until I know for suuurre.
  3. Does anyone have any general tips for writing an art history statement of purpose? Specifically pertaining to MA applications.
  4. Quick question.. I already took the gre once and had my scores sent to 4 specific schools. Since then I have changed my mind and am now applying to 4 completely different schools. I'm retaking the gre this weekend and will have my scores sent to my new schools, but will they also get my 1st score? Or do I have to pay to have those scores sent?
  5. I'm a very shy, quiet person and unfortunately I don't have strong relationships with my professors. There are two I would feel comfortable asking for letters.. but I'm struggling to come up with a third. I'm an art history major and I have spent the summer interning for a curator at an art museum. Is it acceptable to submit a LOR from my internship supervisor instead of a professor? My career goals involve working in a museum so I feel like this would be more beneficial than a bland letter from a professor who barely knows me. Thoughts? Has anyone else submitted letters from professors AND someone outside of your university?
  6. Thanks! I already have a paper that I think would work great as a writing sample, and I'll definitely plan on taking the GRE over the summer, no way I'll have time for that in the fall. Does anyone know anything about the art history programs at the University of Oregon or the University of Washington? This is an area of the country I'm considering moving and I'd appreciate any opinions on those schools!
  7. Hi, I'm new to this site and currently stressing out about grad school nearly everyday! Nice to know i'm not alone I'm an art history undergrad. and I am planning on applying for fall 2011 admission. I don't know specifically what I want to specialize in but I know I want to study American art, probably anytime prior to the 20th c. As of now my plan is to receive an M.A. and pursue work in an art museum. So which US schools offer the best american art history programs? (MA not combined MA/PhD) I'd also like to know the likely-hood of being accepted to these programs? Just how tough is it?? Quick info on me: I have good grades 3.8 (4.0 major GPA) (Yet to take the GRE) Will have completed a curatorial internship this summer I am studying abroad in Paris Spring of 2011 My undergrad. institution however is not prestigious or very selective. Thanks, I look forward to and advice/suggestions!
  8. Current undergraduate in art history. Will be applying for Fall 2011 admission.

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