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  1. I'm a student in media and communication. I want to pursue a PhD in Political Science which also has a focus on political communication. I know University of Washington has Prof. Lance Bennett. Any suggestion? Thanks.
  2. Congrats commtome!!! I have still not heard back from UMASS. I hope I may be fortunate in the next round. Congrats again.
  3. Good luck to you too Commtome. I'm not sure whether it's a good sign or not but after having been through all the processes I think everything seems to be ok for me.
  4. The director gave me a kind response in the email that, "All members of the Graduate Admissions Committee remain very much impressed with your application materials." I asked for an extension of the deadline from one of my top choices.
  5. I was informed from the director that the department will give me a definitive admission response next week.
  6. Thanks for your suggestion. Congrats on your entry to U of Washington. It's a great program and there are some, for instance Lance Bennett, who I really want to study with. I missed a chance to apply because the application for international students closed quite early.
  7. I also emailed the director last week but haven't heard back from her.
  8. I also haven't heard anything back from UMASS for a while. I have a question about the admission process in the US. If I'm still waiting for the notification from UMASS but I have already received offers from few universities, should I accept the offer before April, 15 first and wait for UMASS's response after that day? Another thing is anyone knows about 'MSc in Global Media and Communication', joint degree by LSE and USC? I am thinking that if I am rejected by UMASS, I have to choose between Master of Arts in Communication, UIUC and that programme. Anyone can give suggestion? Thanks
  9. It seems like many of us are in the waitlist. I just wonder how the admisssion process works there.
  10. This might not be a good question but I just would like to know a general opinion. Comparing between communication program at UMASS and U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, do you think which one is better? In what aspects? Thanks.
  11. I sent an email to Kathleen and it took around 2 days to get a response from the graduate admissions director. Hope you get a response very soon.
  12. I emailed the department and the graudate admissions director kindly responed that my application is still active but the department needs to wait to hear back from others who were first offered admission.
  13. Thanks so much for your information. Hope the department did not make only one round of acceptances
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